Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer Office Wear

Summer is around and its time to bring out your summer office clothes (or shop for them!!!). Some women are lucky enough working in the office where they can work in tees and vintage 50s dresses and beat the sun. While some of us have to maintain the 'formal office code', which may leave with little room for summer wear that would be formal.

But not to worry, you can be clad formally yet chill out in the heat.

And I personally think that you should be dressed formally in the office, as it brings in different kind of energy and professionalism to your work.

In summer, it is most important to feel cool and comfortable. And even if you have an AC in the office, commuting to and from the office can be really uncomfortable. Thus clothes made from cool fabrics like cotton and linen are very practical for summer office wardrobe. They let your skin breathe and does not block the air flow, which is a must for the summer.

Linen Trousers
Linen trousers are light and airy, and are perfect for the summers. Pick a smart pair of linen trousers this summer; a pair of white linen trousers would be the perfect choice for the summery look. And if you're afraid to wear the white, you can never go wrong with Black. If you are tall and lean, go for wide-legged comfortable trousers in linen or even cotton.

Florals and Bright Colours
Yup, they are the best to beat the summer heat with the life they bring to your look. Get a floral shift knee-length dress for the office, you could pair it with a smart linen jacket to add the business-like tinge to the look. Don't wear tropical looking florals, as if you've just come from the Bahamas. You can also team along a floral scarf or printed tops for a feminine summery look without going overboard. Or else, go for brightly coloured dress or a shirt (not too bright, as it will distract others).

Monochromatic look is a huge trend for 2009 and that's a great news for the office-goers, as that's what we generally end up wearing to the office. Pick colours that would keep you cool, whites, green, natural tans or nudes, pink, khakhi. Avoid black as it absorbs heat, pick deep blues, browns and greys instead. The best part about the monochromatic look is it makes you look slimmer. Check out Look Slimmer with Smart Dressing.

White Shirt
No summer office wardrobe would be complete without a white shirt. The colour makes you feel cooler and calmer. Plus, a white shirt is a very versatile piece of clothing.

Replace the shirt with some comfortable and modern cardigan. There is a huge variety of cotton knitwear in the stores in so many different shapes and colorus. And most of the offices accept them as formal wear. Pair it with formal trousers to stay in the corporate code. Team a decent camisole or vest and a short-sleeved cardi. It would be a lot more comfortable than a shirt. If a collared-shirt is the rule of the office, then pair sleeveless collared cami or shirt with the cardi. Add a scarf or necklace to complete the look. It would look smart and will be comfortable on those hot days.

Most importantly, remember to dress in layers, as the difference in the temperature of your air conditioned office and outdoors can be as huge as 25-30 degrees. A nice cardigan, a cotton jacket or a formal vest or waistcoat is a great way to layer your office ensemble. But avoid too much layering.


Summer Office Wear Tips

- Yup its the season that would make you sweaty and uncomfortable. But strictly avoid shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops and low-cut or sheer blouses, flip-flops or chappals in the office. Don't wear anything too revealing. It may get you attention, but will certainly create a wrong impression.

- Linen, cotton and other lightweight fabrics generally tend to be sheer. Check your reflection under bright lighting to make sure your undergarments don't show through.

- Even if you dress down, make sure you keep a jacket or cardigan handy to cover you up when your boss or an important client calls for an emergency meeting or if the temperature is dropping because of AC.

- Pay attention to your feet. If your company allows open-toe or backless shoes, make sure your feet and toenails are clean and well-groomed. Pamper yourself with a good pedicure regularly especially during summers.

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