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Vogue (Indian edition) disappoints by using an older cover from the US edition on their February 2009 Indian issue.

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High-end fashion does not have to be cruel and part of the animal trade. It can be just as glamorous, elegant, thrilling and beautiful without any cruelty involved. Unfortunately many people believe fashion is more important than the life of animals, and to feed their needs many designers continue to capitalize on the animals' lives. Even vegetarians cannot contain themselves from luxury brands' leather handbags and shoes rage. Think before you buy, do you want to kill animal for the sake of fashion. Fashion should be fun, not fatal!
Click here to know what an animal undergoes for your Jimmy Choo Shoes or Louis Vuitton Bags.

There are lots of high-quality substitutes for animal skin and many designers and luxury brands are using them in their collections.

Stella McCartney, the name synonymous to style and luxury, has proved that luxury does not mean being cruel. Stella McCartney is famous for her sharp tailoring, irreverence and sexy femininity. A strict vegetarian, her designs are fur and leather free. In addition to keeping leather and fur out of her collections, the luxury designer also has vegan perfumes and luxury organic cruelty-free range of skincare in her portfolio. Stella has also won 'Best Green Designer Award'.

Click on following links to buy Stella McCartney Online:
- Stella McCartney Online Store
- Net-a-Porter

In India, Stella McCartney is stocked at Kitsch Stores in Delhi (Emporio Mall) and Mumbai.

Jill Milan: talking of luxury cannot be started without bringing in Italian designs. True to its words Jill Milan is a luxury Indian made brand of handcrafted luxury handbags. Each bag is made in Florence, Italy by artisans who have a heritage of crafting the best luxury accessories in the world. The chains on Jill Milan’s bags are handmade by a Florentine craftsman. The beads used on many of the handbags are blown by artisans in Italy’s famed Murano.
Every bag is a work of art, an individual creation designed for modern men and women. And the USP? They are completely free from leather.

Marc Bouwer is a highly influential designer in the world of high fashion. His creations add phenomenal glamour and style to an array of red carpet events around the world. He decided to go ethical and stopped using any animal skins or products in his designs. He refrains from using fur, leather and wool in his collections.
Dalia MacPhee - Need a vegan evening gown? With silk dominating the category, it can be hard to find. Thankfully, 99% of Dalia MacPhee's new evening wear collection — sold at mainstream outlets like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom — is vegan (you can buy her designs from Nordstrom online store as well). Dalia MacPhee's gowns and dresses are also favourite among celebrity A-listers like Missy Yager (at Golden Globe Awards), Nina Dobrev (of Vampire Diaries), Maiara Walsh (from Desperate Housewives) and Lindsay Pulsipher (True Blood).

And what makes it more interesting it that MacPhee plants a tree in Tahoe's fire-destroyed Tree of Life Grove for every gown she makes, as not all choice her clothing maybe eco-friendly. Gorgeous!

Matt and Nat makes cruelty-free smart and stylish handbags and clutches that you would love in your wardrobe. They produce two lines a year, and each collection is filled with clean lines, bright colours and interesting details. Their designs are classy yet modern. You would not desire Balenciaga or Gucci once you see Matt and Nat cruelty-free handbags. List of celebrities that love Matt and Nat bags include Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore and Teri Hatcher. More on Matt and Nat or click here to buy online.

German Brand Puma and adidas by Stella McCartney makes high-quality non-leather athletic trainers.

Online store has a selection of non-leather shoes and handbags. In fact while making a search, you can filter your search by selecting non-leather in the category.

Beyond Skin, a vegan luxury ethical footwear label, makes beautiful, classic, hand-made shoes that combine style and fashion with a cruelty-free lifestyle. They have a variety of fashionable and stylish, high-quality ladies shoes, stilettos and boots. Their shoes are stylish and does not make style and vegan oxymorons, in fact they combine the two and is a great place for fashionistas to shop cruelty-free shoes!!!!

olsenHaus is an American brand started by Elizabeth Olsen who has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, Bulga, Nine West, Jodi Arnold, MINT and many others. She put an end to making shapeless and boring vegan shoe by creating a line that is chic and synonymous with style. Celebrities like Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amy Sedaris and Cameron Diaz love her shoes. To shop those stylish vegan stilletos or delectable flats, click here.

On Budget?
Charles and Keith, the Singapore's high-street shoe brand, has a wide range of stylish non-leather shoes, bags and belts. Their shoes are concoction of style, quality and sensuality for fashionable women at affordable prices. Charles and Keith's products are available in over 23 countries, predominantly in Asia and Middle East (they are not complete cruelty-free brand, but have a good non-leather variety).

Malcolm Frontier have great collection of stylish bags and accessories. Malcolm Fontier shows us that leather isn't the only option for durability and luxury when it comes to wallets, bags and toiletry cases. The unisex pieces are all made from PVC-free alternatives including coated canvas. Its a great brand especially for me, who are looking for cruelty-free stylish bags.
How to check if the product contains leather?

Read on What's Wrong With Leather?

FUR is not fashion
Wearing animal fur on your body does not reflect chic, class or style, but cruelty. Buy faux fur. Many of the big designers in the fashion world have already started using faux-fur. Vivienne Westwood, Juicy Couture and Stella McCartney use cruelty-free fur in (some of) their collections.

If you're vegetarian or love animals, stop putting lipsticks, mascara, moisturiser, perfume or other beauty products made from animal ingredients. Cosmetic brands that offer vegetarian and even vegan products include Clarins (not all makeup is vegan as they use carmine in their products), Chantecialle (luxury skincare and makeup brand, with all vegetarian products and an exclusive vegan line too), Dr Hauschka (not entirely vegetarian, both use carmine in their coloured products, like makeup, but have vegan mascaras and more), Origins, Suki, Urban Decay (they have a special vegan line), Oriflame (for the girl on budget), Stella McCartney, Lush.

Recommended: A favourite with celebrities, Chantecialle offers natural luxury beauty products that are pure and gentle yet effective. Urban Decay is my another favourite brand for vegan makeup range.

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Are You Wearing the Right Bra Size?

Wearing the right sized bra is very important. Correctly fitted bra can change your entire body shape, make you look slimmer and makes your clothes fit & look better, while ill-fitting bras can make you look shapeless, damage confidence and cause bad posture. Not to mention causing back and neck pains, scarring under the breasts and much more.

Does your bra ever feel uncomfortable? Does the band pinch? Does the underwire poke? Does the back ride up? Do the straps create leave bad marks on your shoulders? Do the cups overflow, squeeze or sag? Take a look at the following bra fitting tips and see if you are wearing the right size:

- A bra that fits properly will be supportive and comfortable
- Your boobs would be lifted and separated by the cups
- The back would fit snugly without being restrictively tight

Signs that you need a bigger cup size:
- Your boobs bulge over the top or sides of the cup
- Wires stick out at the front

Signs you need a smaller band size:
- Bra rides up at the back
- Bra moves around when you do
- Straps dig into shoulders


What difference the correct fit can make to your posture, and yes confidence too.

3 steps to the perfect fit

Try these simple steps at home to check that your bra fits perfectly.

1. The band around your body should be firm but comfortable. It should be horizontal and not ride up at the back at all.

2. The wires at the front should lie flat against your rib cage and should not dig in, rub or poke out anywhere, especially in between your boobs.

3. Your boobs should be completely enclosed in the cups and you should have a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup ends and meets your bust. You shouldn't have any ridges or bulging, even if you are wearing a balconette or lower cut style bra.

Try before you buy
Just as you would never buy a pair of shoes without trying them on for size, bra sizes differ depending on their style, cut, fabric and make. So always try before you buy. When trying on a bra, fasten it on middle hook (so you can tighten it as it stretches with wear and washing or loosen if it feels tight sometime) and don't forget to adjust the shoulder straps to fit.

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Stylish and Smart Dressing for the Office

The work place is where you spend the vast majority of your time, where you are most likely to encounter people who you want to make an impression on; whether it be bosses or clients. It is quite clear that the goal to getting dressed for work is to project a professional, competent image regardless of what level of management you are at. Thus, the styles, colors, lengths and fit of your dress will speak volumes about your personality and how serious you are about your job.

In fact, today, what you wear at work and your presentation is very important. But that is not to say that your Corporate Attire has to be boring, or you can't follow fasion or look stylish in your office attire. You can show your personal sense of style without sacrificing your professional image by choosing your threads wisely.

Dressing up for the office actually opens up whole new vistas of style, dress, and fashion opportunities with just a little thought and effort. You can also look sexy in a subtle way. So smarten up your office wardrobe and you’re bound to get noticed more quickly. Especially Let us see how........

Building basics
Firstly, build a basic office wardrobe. Let us call it the 'office staples'. With your staples you can mix and match to create multiple looks.

- Well-fitted White Shirt(s)
- Well-fitted Black (Brown, Charcoal, navy) trousers
- Dark (black, brown, charcoal, navy) pant-suit
- Dark (black, brown, charcoal, navy) skirt-suit
- Fitted Shirts in subtle colours, stripes, checks or subtle dots.
- Cardigan
- Waistcoat
- Closed-toe low-heeled pumps
- Structured handbag

Remember, don't compromise quality for quantity. You are under constant scrutiny from your co-workers, your subordinates and your seniors, and you don't want to tarnish your image.

Smart Dressing

With your basic wardrobe, add some fashion elements and trendy twists to give your office attire an edge. Mix-and-match your tops and bottoms and accessorize with jewelry, scarves and shoes. .
Colours: Colors play a big role in creating a professional image of a person. Traditional career colors include white, navy, gray, black and blue and these colors go well with formal pants and skirts. However, you can even choose feminine colors like light blue, light purple, soft pink and ivory. Bright and loud colors like hot pink are much riskier in the office and should be avoided. But if you are creative and bold you can try them. However, avoid any kinds of prints and patterns – only monochromatic tints will be fine.

Layering: Layering clothes allows you to mix and match a wider variety of different styles, and adds more dimension to your outfit. Sweaters, vest or jacket over formal shirts and blouses creates multiple looks using same piece of garment. It's easy to layer as the weather gets cooler but layering works even during the hot or humid weather by choosing cottons. Put thought into your combinations. Mix and match trendy scarves, casual or formal outerwear, cardigans, waistcoats and sweaters to achieve a fashion-forward look.

Layering will especially be useful when it's 40 degrees outside and your office is 20 degrees. You need to be prepared.
Jacket: It's the workwear essential. Every woman should have a black suit in her closet. A sharply tailored jacket gives a power punch to any outfit. It is apropriate for job interviews, client meetings and corporate functions. This piece of clothing can be worn off-the office also. In fact, a smart suit goes straight from boardroom to bar/party - just add or delete a pretty feminine blouse and mix it with right accessories.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label (Black Jacket) - $835
McQ, Cropped Wool Jacket - $750
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Petite Jacket - $1,070
French Connection, My Lady Jacket - £100
All Saints, Nemi Tessimax Jacket - now £52
Topshop, One Button Jacket - £45
Mango, Suit Jacket (ref. 81100179) - £60
MANGO, amongst the high-street brands, has one of the best collections of jackets and pant/skirt suits.
Check the latest Hollywood trend, tuxedo/suit at the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie at Benjamin Button Berlin Premiere

Anne Hathaway at Bride Wars Premiere

Anne Hathaway kept things chic and minimal, at Bride Wars US Premiere, in a tailored tux jacket and skinny trousers, accessorised with blinging diamond earrings, a sky-high pair of Louboutins and a diva-tastic up-do. Her look can easily take transition from the office to the bar and exudes that perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication.
Shift Dress: A shift dress is a very intelligent piece of clothing in your wardrobe. With a formal jacket or a collared shirt inside you can wear it to the office and just the dress with quirky accessory and dressy sandals can be worn for the party straight from the office.

Learn more on layering and shift dress
Accessorizing: Get creative and use accessories to revamp your old office wardrobe.

The easiest and smartest way to look stylish and break the monotonous everyday look is to accessorize. Dress up your office clothing with carefully selected accessories and jewellery and make an impression that's both professional and stylish. A smart belt, stylish bag and minimal jewellery can take any outfit from boring to beautiful.
Use these accessories to brighten up your look and make a chic statement:

- Scarf: most important piece of accessory that can instantly pep-up your look. They add color and style to any outfit and can change the look of an ensemble almost immediately! They look feminine, sophisticated and trendy all at once. Add a splash of colour using a scarf to your simple black and white ensemble.

Learn more on scarves

- Brooch: A brooch will give a splash of elegance to your office attire or an otherwise ordinary drab and forgettable outfit. For the corporate woman, the choice of brooch should be more sleek and elegant. Perhaps something made out of a precious metal with several semi-precious or precious stones. It can be worn on the lapel of your suit or as something to tie a bow together. It can also be used to tie a scarf. Did you see how Michelle Obama is making fashion statement with Brooches? The central focus of her look is often a bold, jeweled brooch. If you don't want to buy a precious piece, check out Aldo Accessories, they have some good brooches.

- Jewellery: Earrings, bracelets and bangles. Wear simple and elegant earrings at office. Too loud, colourful, funky or street style maybe your choice, but they are a no-no for the office. They should not be too long or too ornate. Hoops and studs are great as office wear as these do not look flashy and still make a style statement. Remember this rule for your office jewellery, less is more.

- Necklaces: a pear or beads string is the best necklace pick for the office. Don't wear anything too extravagant or loud as the office wear has to be smart but subtle, unless your profession demands something 'loud'.
(I have taken it out from jewellery because a necklace can make or break your office outfit, and hence needs different categorisation)

- Bag: Carry a smart bag. A medium-sized tote is always sleek and businesslike. Don't buy anything too small, as your stuff will not fit, or too oversized, as it will look messy. Pick proper structured and formal handbags as slouchy bags give a shabby and a sloppy look.

- Belt

Shoes: Put your best foot forward. Everyone knows that a pair of shoes can either complement your look or kill it. So invest in good quality shoes and keep them buffed and shined. Athletic shoes, tennis shoes, thongs, flip-flops, slippers, very high party heels, and any casual shoe with an open toe are not acceptable in the office.

A smart tip - if you routinely run down your heels or scuff the toes by pounding the pavement, it may be a good idea to wear a pair of inexpensive shoes (a flip-flop or sneakers) during your commute to and from work and change into your formal shoes at the office.

The best item of your office wardrobe, Classic White Shirt, worn smartly can make you look professional, smart and chic.

The white shirt looks great tucked in. Wear it with trousers (any colour) or with a pencil skirt.
Accessorize it with a nice necklace, smart belt and shoes. You can layer it with a cardigan, a formal vest or waistcoat.
Meryl Streep (below) is looking every bit elegant in her White shirt paired with a jacket and worn with great accessories - the necklace and red belt.

You can get Anne Hathway's look by layering your white shirt with a black knitted round neck top or a sweater. Wear a long pearl string, do your hair in a high pony and you are ready to take over the world.
Meryl Streep (left) and Anne Hathaway (right) from a still of Devil Wears Prada
Makeup for office: Go easy on the makeup, of course unless your work demands otherwise (like the aviation and hospitality industry). If you want to be taken seriously at work, accentuating your natural beauty is the best way to go. It should be noticeable but not distracting. Glitter, loud colours are an absolute no-no. Emphasize skin care, and opt for a cleaner, subtle and polished look.

Tips to Remember

1. Fit is everything when you want to look perfect.
- Pants should be fitted, but free of visible panty lines. You can get good quality no visible panty lines (no VPL) knickers from Marks and Spencer or La Senza.
- Skirts, especially straight styles like pencil skirts, should be loose enough to sit down in comfortably.
- Jackets should be able to be buttoned.
- Blouses shouldn’t expose too much of your body.

2. Office is not the place to show too much. You don't want to tarnish your image to just get a few stares. Save your revealing clothing for a night out on the town.

3. Invest in good quality accessories don't buy cheap looking stuff.

4. Don't choose Jewellery that is too bright as anything that attracts too much is distracting.

5. Keep the colors simple, just mixing one or two together. Break up blacks and grays with a splash of color. Try a coloured scarf, beaded necklace or sweater set.

6. Avoid printed shirts in the office.

7. Ensure the proper ironing of your clothes and avoid wearing wrinkled clothes as they present a highly casual and an unprofessional look.

8. Other important consideration should be given to your personal hygiene including clean manicured nails, clean polished shoes, styled and neat hair, subtle perfume and deodrant and applying a light and subtle make-up.

Make sure that everything creates the right look down to the smallest detail. Dressing for the office is all about striking a balance between looking good and stylish and looking competent, organized and ready for business.

Most importantly feel confident, as carrying yourself with a right attitude is what contributes to making the right impression.

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Secret Diaries

Get your pen and diary to keep a note of these special treatments, services and addresses from around the world that you would savour. This article will be updated with new records, so keep coming back for little treats.

The Customised Perfume,
This website offers an exciting service which allows you to create your personal perfume or cologne. The unique scent can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or for your own unique treat or indulgence. You can even buy a gift voucher for a loved one to start their own creation.

This user-friendly website allows you to create a personalised fragrance in minutes by answering simple questions about the wearer's personality and their tastes like their favourite food and music tastes. Experienced perfumers then match these details with the finest essential oils to craft an exclusive scent that is delivered in one to two weeks.

Presented in a pretty bottle, the scent arrives adorned with the wearer's favourite flower. The best part of the service is that if you are not delighted with your creation you can simply return it in an instant and get a refund without any hassle.

A 50 ml bottle of Eau de Parfum costs £30, including postage and wrapping.

The Lingerie, Rigby and Peller
Buy yourself the finest lingerie, receive service fit for a Queen, get a bra-fitting service or treat yourself with a custom-made bra for the perfect fit from a company which has held the Royal Warrant since 1960. Rigby and Peller understands the finer points of corsetry, offer an extensive range of bras and are known for the quality of their luxurious lingerie and their expert bra fitting service.

Most of the women are yet to know how great it feels to be wearing a bra that fits. But when you will walk out of Rigby and Peller, you will sure have a million dollar smile.

They have an extensive range of ready to wear luxurious and sexy lingerie for all sizes, from 30AA to 48H. If you are not satisfied with the fit, you can get a bra custom-made for you through their made-to-measure service. It would be worth the spend to finally get a bra customised to your fit. Rigby and Peller offer an exclusive service that sees lingerie created specifically from personal measurements, tastes and requirements. Their exquisite team of fitters and seamstresses work together to offer handmade garments made from luxurious materials, designed purely for the individual.

Be it a personal treat or gift, they offer a fine and highly recommended made to measure service never to forget.

Rigby and Piller has six stores in London, the made-to-measure service is offered only at the Knightsbridge store, click here for their store directory.

Their lingerie ranges from £11-£140, while the custom-made beauties don’t come cheap.

The Soap, Gulnar
Haven't you been tired of trying so many soaps or shower gels in search of the one that would make your skin feel good, will not leave it dry and does not contain any harsh ingredients? Gulnar's Lavender Soaps are handmade, contain essential oils and glycerine and leaves the skin soft and non-drying due to its high natural oil content. There are real softened leaves on the soap bar and you can feel the oil content while using the soap. It smells good and is very gentle on skin. You will totally fall in love with the soap once you use it. The soap has no chemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours.

Click here to buy the soap (they deliver worldwide).

The Lavender Soap Bar costs Rs 95 (approx. $2.5 or £1.5).


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RED is the NEW BLACK - Winter Coats

Red Coats stole limelight from the classic black this Winter. A red coat can add new life to neutral and monochromatic clothing. It's a piece that'll make you feel good every time you put it on and is a must-have to bring some colour in this downturn. Red will be trendy for long as it looks cute, feminine and youthful.

The Celebrities have been doing their best to flaunt their red coats from street to red carpet, day and evening. I am loving their red-hot look, a chic coat is the ultimate cold weather accessory.

Favourite celeb styles......

Katherine Heigl (left) and Heidi Montag (right)
Like it for the day on Katherine while Heidi's night pick looks fab too.

Nicole never gives a miss. She looked stylish and stayed cosy warm in the bright red coat, a slouchy black beanie, skinny black jeans and black stiletto Louboutins at Beverly Hills. I think she wears the red coat best. What do you think?


Eva Longoria Parker at New Year's Eve
The Hollywood is all Red while the Bollywood girls are yet to showcase this trend.

Add a splash to colour with a red coat. And trust me a classy style in red will never go out of fashion. It would be a smart winter investment.

How to wear?
My favourite style is to throw a red jacket over anything (black or grey) with black opaque tights and black pumps. You sure will turn heads.
Red Coat Buying Guide
- choose a well-fitted coat with smart cuts. The style, cut and fit in a red coat is very important. A wrong choice can make up look like a Santa Claus.
- Choose a simple silhouette like A-line.
- Buy a good quality red coat, you can go away with a budget black coat, but not Red. The poor quality would show and it would look rather gawkish.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Black Dress - Reinvented

A Little Black Dress, LBD, never goes out of fashion and is a must-have for every wardrobe.

In its new reincarnation, the Little Black Dress is everything but not so simple. The range of hot new little black dresses is made from luxe fabrics, but using more modern cuts and detailing.

Lace detailing, jewelled embellishments, layered fabrics, one-shoulder, puffed sleeves, plunging neckline, halter style, drop waists, military lines and sexy detailing make these dresses contemporary and give them a fashionable twist. In many cases they can be worn a number of ways making them true investment pieces.

To make the most of your little black dresses, team them up with a variety of accessories suitable for different occasions. Wear the right shoes, handbags and jewelry to go with your dress.

Get some cue from the celebrity styles below.......

Natalie Zea at the DIC and Instyle Magazine 8th Annual Diamond Fashion Show
Natalie Zea looks chic in her puffed sleeves LBD that is cinched with a blue belt and paired with gladiator heels. Like her hair pulled up in a pony, which shows her face. You can wear a cinch-belt in colour and matching shoes with your LBD.

Left - Lindsay Lohan at Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm Resort Dubai
Right - Celina Jaitley at EMI Music Launch
For a sexy avatar, a halter LBD would be perfect.

Gwyneth Paltrow (left) and Preity Zinta (right)

LBD looks fab with a jacket!!!!!!
Pair your LBD with a jacket like Gwyneth and Preity above or a shrug. A tuxedo jacket will suit well for the red-carpet or evening party. For a more casual look team your LBD with a plaid or denim jacket and over-the-knee boots (image on right).
Make your LBD work over-time - a simpler LBD can be worn at the office and the same with a formal jacket can be carried to an evening party. For the office wear it with a tweed jacket and then take that jacket off and put fishnets on and wear it to dinner

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) in three different styles of Little Black Dress
SJP shows her fashion credentials in different, yet each applauding, styles of Little Black Dress. The twisted versions of the classic LBD she is wearing is perfectly styled with the right accessories and hair-dos.

The new avatar of LBD from Balmain's Spring 2009 collection
Anne Hathaway takes the LBD to the next level of sizzling hotness in this Balmain corset dress while Sarah Jessica Parker's Balmain LBD is a fabulous choice to which she adds a rock-chic element.
Left - SJP at New York City Ballet's Opening Night Gala
Right - Anne Hathaway at 20th Anniversary of the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala
SJP is wearing Balenciaga point sliver shiny booties and opaque tights with the dress and to finish the whole look, she opted for a very simple ballerina hair by pulling all her hair back. Anne choose black Christian Louboutin platform pumps, casual wavy hairdo, classic red lips and accessorised with Cartier jewellery. Both women looked amazing. Like their complete ensemble.

Update: 7th Feb 2009
UPDATE: Diane Lane at 2009's Critics Choice Awards

Diane Lane shimmered in her sequin LBD at 2009 Critics Choice Awards. The satin detailing on the neckline and the waist added sophistication and glam to the dress. For accessories, Diane chose diamond-crusted earrings and a black patent clutch and black sandals. Sophisticated yet sassy, like her style.

How to wear your perfect Little Black Dress (LBD):

- Black always looks good and suits every girl provided you wear the right cut and fit. Choose a style that fits you perfectly, you don't want super mini-dress that doesn't fit right.

- If you don't have a LBD, choose a dress that can be worn both day and night by changing accessories like shoes, jewellery and fashion belts. However if you already have one basic pair, then definitely a new avatar of LBD would be a smart buy.

- Choose a classic style that will not fade out as fashion trends change.

- Choose the perfect length. I'd say a knee-length dress is best because it serves for multi-occasions.

- For the day add dash of color and for the night a hint of sparkle with jewelry are all that you need to get going. The simpler the dress the more accessorising you will require, while for a dress that speaks for itself opt for simplicity in accessories and keep it minimal.

- For a modern twist wear your LBD with opaque black or patterned leggings or tights (see SJP above).

- Choice of hairstyle is very important with the LBD. If your LBD is short and sexy, contrast with a simple ponytail or a chignon. If your dress is more conservative, go for a soft, sexy haircut such as a loose bun with strands pulled out. A black head-band to match your LBD can look chic and smart, especially with a few strands of hair pulled loose at the front.

Beautify Picks:

1. BCBG Max Azaria Satin Halter Tiered Dress (left) - for $200, Buy
2. ASOS Lace Insert Long Sleeve Backless Dress (center) - for £35, Buy
3. Warehouse Frill Front Dress (right) - for £59, Buy

Perfect Accessory with LBD - PEARL STRING
A picture of Hepburn standing elegantly on the corner of Fifth Avenue, New York wearing a chunky pearl necklace, but a slim little black dress and holding on a coffee-to-go cup, is probably one of the most memorable images and an epitome of style.

String of pearls look gorgeous with a LBD and it is one accessory and style that would never go out of fashion.

Tip - trick is to layer pearl string with multiple strands while pairing with your little classic black dress.

left to right - Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow
If you don't already own one, it's time to add a little black dress to your wardrobe.

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Nike Dunk High Premium Sneakers for Women - Spring/Summer 2009 Shoes

It would be a colourful Spring for Nike. They have launched their multicolour Dunk Hi Premium Sneakers for women with metallic finish. They've gone for metallic colours again though they were never so outrageous. But they're Just FAB.
These bright and beautiful multi-colored sneakers are just lovely. The upper is composed of colors including deep red, bronze, lime green, turquoise, rave pink and shiny orange. A smooth white Swoosh, white toebox and laces as well as white heel tag were just enough to tone down the colors a bit and tie everything together.
I give these shoes a complete thumbs up!!!!
The Nike Dunk High Premiums are available in stores now for $108. Click here to buy them online (couldn't find it on UK Online store Mar'09).

So ladies what are you waiting for? Grab your delicious pair.

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Every year we see some fashion trends being forgotten and some sticking by. Below are some of the hottest trends of 2008, some good, some bad. Let's see which styles would stay hot in new year.

1. Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress were seen all around during the spring and summer 2008. They were a huge hit with celebrities, and I think the trend was started by Angelina Jolie in her pregnant days. Angelina Jolie and Nicole Richie (on right) were seen wearing long maxi dresses with a deep neckline that accentuated their motherly curves.

The Bollywood caught the look a bit late with Bollywood Celebs sporting maxi dress in the autumn 2008.

Though it's a smart choice in maternity fashion, the maxi dress is not very flattering on everyone, especially on petite ladies. It looks like this trend will not be carried in 2009. Dresses for 2009 would be a lot shorter and more form-fitting this year.
Sex and the City Cast in Maxi Dress
(l) Deepika Padhukone and (r) Mugdha Godse

2. Gladiator Shoes
2008 started with the return of gladiator shoes in all avatars from flat sandals, pointed pumps, heeled shoes to wedges. The Gladiator look in shoe fashion were a rage since Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing the look in her movie Sex and the City several times (picture below). It was hard to visit a shoe store during that time without seeing a pair of gladiators staring you in the face.

The gladiator shoe trend was quickly taken over on fashion podiums and star studded red carpet events all over the world with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary-Kate Olsen, Rihanna, Isha Koppikar wearing them.

I am not a big fan of this style, but many designers are featuring this style once again in their new collections for 2009. If you want to wear this style pick a simple and neutral pair and ensure you keep your overall look also simple.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Extreme Gladiator Platforms

3. Ruffles - Dresses, Tops and Shirts
The feminine and sexy ruffled blouses and dresses were in the forefront throughout 2008 and were ubiquitous in high street stores in various avatars from shirts, blouses, dresses to accessories like shoes and bags. Ruffles were also featured on our Fashion’s hot trends (Autumn 2008- Winter 2009). They were a huge hit on the runway from Oscar De la Renta, John Galliano , Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin to Lanvin all generously displayed this trend. Lanvin came up with this trend most beautifully (Sonam Kapoor, on right, in Lanvin Ruffled Dress).

Not only are they adorable, but are very flattering as well. Paired with pencil skirts or sleek pants, frilly, ruffled tops are popular for work attire, evening wear and even weekend wear.

This trend would certainly be seen in 2009. In the Spring 2009 trends ruffles were everywhere - ruffles at the hem, ruffled skirts, ruffled blouses, ruffled dresses, even ruffles that were vertical. In fact I think they would be one of the hottest trends for even 2009.

How to wear the trend? Into the spring, look for more ruffled tops of the sleeveless variety. Pick pastel and bright colored ruffled blouses in 2009. Pair them with grey, camel and other neutrals. Pair a ruffled blouse with a high waisted pencil skirt for a chic look. Carla wears the trend very smartly - sexy cobalt blue ruffled blouse teamed with a black pencil skirt (below).

4. Bangs
Bangs and fringes were a huge hit in 2008. They were worn by everyone from red carpet to street. Celebrities from Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron, Ashlee Simpson, Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian were wearing bangs in 2008.
They look stylish and instantly changes your look without severely cutting your hair or damaging them using perming, straightening or colouring. It is a simple solution to change your stagnant style. No wonder this hairstyle will continue to be popular in the new year and would certainly make a fashion statement.

How to wear the trend? I like the subtle sideswept bangs, but you can choose from various style to suit your face. If you have a long face then you can do the heavy, blunt cut bangs. If you have a heart shaped face, like Reese Witherspoon, then lighter sideswept bangs will suit you better. Wispy, sideswept bags are less harsh than bold, blunt bangs.

5. High Waisted Pants and Skirts
High waisted mania took over the fashion world in Spring 2008, it carried on till mid-year, wasn't seen much for a few months and then made a comeback in autumn. They were seen all over on the runway from DKNY, Calvin Klein to Chanel.
High waisted pants were popular with celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Ciara and Mischa Barton. This trend gained popularity since they had the effect of flatter tummy and longer legs. However they also widen the butt, so should be worn with caution. The A-line silhoutte and skinny jeans fit were more popular than the wide-bottom and bell-bottoms style.
Along with pants, the high-waisted skirts were also quite popular.

I personally love the look of a high-waisted skirt with a top tucked in - it’s so retro, but done right it’s also very chic and totally flattering. Though high-waisted pants were also popular with celebrities and designers, but my preference is for the skirt. A black pencil high waisted skirt with a bit more volume that hits right above the knee would look great.
The comeback of this trend again in the later part of the wear signifies that this trend would be seen in 2009 too.

How to wear the trend? My advice, girls with wide butt or heavy top area should avoid this look as it will only emphasize your problem area. The high-waisted pants would suit the petite lean girls the best, as they make your legs look a mile long. Team the high waisted skirt with a flirty ruffled top or a tucked in blouse (see Victoria and Karisma below).

(l) Mischa Barton and (r) Gwen Stefani

6. Baggy Boyfriend Jeans
The Boyfriend Jeans was a hit and miss trend of 2008. Although this trend was first seen in August in 2008, it didn't stick too long. This trend was set by Katie Holmes who was seen wearing them on multiple occasions and was later spotted on Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Klum.
To clear it from outset, I don't think much of the style. True some of the celebrities wearing this trend looked a little fashionable, but then these women will look good even if they turn up in a rucksack. There is no second doubt, though, that this look will be popular in 2009 as already they are being spotted on several celebrities and will soon become popular with high-end designers too.
The 2009's 'Boyfriend Jeans' will have a distressed look and should be a little tapered than what was originally seen on Katie. How to wear the boyfriend jeans?

How to wear the trend? This style is suitable for lean girls, team it with a well-fitted tee or a vest and a smart casual belt.

I will certainly give this trend a miss.

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