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Spring Earrings

Earrings are back for Spring and their bigger is better attitude demands a whole new dress code.
Designers, in their Spring 2009 Collections, massively flaunted oversized earrings - Zac Posen with his massive chandelier earrings, Marni giant earrings, Louis Vuitton with unusual tribal hoops, Ralph Lauren in ethnic style. My personal favourite was Ralph Lauren.
Even celebrities are donning this trend, love Hilary Duff's Swarovski earrings. Continue reading to check the pictures and details.

Ralph Lauren (left) and Zac Posen (right)
Vivienne Westwood (left) and Lanvin (right)
The spring collections are leaning more towards monochrome and simple silhouettes, which allow for more freedom to play with jewellery.
Spring’s Earrings are even conspicuous and intimidating.

Big and chunky earrings can take the simplest dress and make it outstanding for the party or afternoon out. And this Spring, in the gloomy economic scenario, instead of splurging on dresses get some oversized, chunky earrings to updo your look (certainly not the ones above, they're scary).

Its important to remember that the more outlandishly kitsch the earrings, the more severe, stark and modern your ensemble must be.

And don’t be tempted to match-up with an impressive necklace – the earrings now stand alone. But if temptation calls, chunky cuffs and cocktail ring are far better partners.

Look to those who wear earrings well – Rihanna, Beyonce and Kate Moss.

I also like Hilary Duff's statement earrings, check few of them below.

I particularly like the Swarovski earrings Hilary wore (left) at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2009 - Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection Fashion Show. The sophisticated rhodium-plated clip earrings have exclusive new Land-cut Volcano and clear crystals. Reflecting shades from violet to pink, the earrings have a classy sheen. You can buy a different colour of the same Swarovski earrings for $170, click here to view and buy.

Choosing Earrings to Suit Your Face Shape and Body Type

If you are petite linear graphic styles will suit you best – steer clear of anything overpowering. Proportion is paramount. Taller girls can afford to play with bigger more fantasised styles.

Choose metal with care – yellow gold suits for olive skin and rose gold for pale or pink complexion, while platinum and white are fit for all. Diamonds and Pearls looks good on everyone. When it comes to wearing colourful earrings, choose what suits you best because earrings, more than anything else you wear, reflect light to your face.

Your face shape would also make a difference on your pick.

- Choose long, lean and angular curved lines if you have a round-shaped face. Square, rectangular and oblong earrings are also options.

Penelope Cruz - round face

- If you have oval shaped face, you can get away with all the styles. You can easily wear Spring's huge chunky hoops trend. However steer clear from incredibly long shapes as they will pull you down.

Angelina Jolie - oval face
- Heart-shaped face can wear this Spring Earrings trend the best. The bigger chunkier earrings look great on this shape, from chandeliers, triangle to pyramid you can carry everything easily. Just avoid heart-shaped earrings or anything that tapers as they descend.

- Earrings with a round and angular edge will flatter square shaped face as they will soften your square shape. Hoops and multi-tiered dangling earrings will look amazing.
Paris Hilton - square face
Smart Tips

- You can add splash of colour to liven up your everyday outfit and this is also one of the great jewellery trend of the season. Plus, it's an affordable way of reviving an old outfit. Angelina Jolie (above) added a dash of colour to her black gown by wearing it with green emerald earrings, making her earrings an interesting part of her outfit with an edge.
- On a bad hair day, a slick pony and oversize earrings will seem fresh and updo your look.

Just remember this season the bigger, the better - just be sure to scrape back hair or style it into an (equally sizeable) quiff to get the full effect (tip from Vogue). For Spring 2009, the best bet would be ethnic style oversized earrings.

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