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Look slimmer with smart dressing

1. Wear the right colours, esp. Black: Black gives a look that is slimming and conceals that extra flab. But you also need colours in the wardrobe. Other colours that give slimming effect are: dark brown, burgundy, deep violet, charcoal grey, deep blues, olive.
(Remember that fit is more important than color. A pair of perfectly fitting white pants is way more flattering than a pair of ill-fitting black trousers).
Tip: A good colour combination is pairing two similarly dark colours that look sophisticated and slimming as there is no break of colour to cut your body shape in half, hence making you look leaner.

2. Put emphasis on your best features: Make the nicest part of your body the focal point of an outfit. If your upper body part is your strength then wear a red shell or royal blue jacket, for example, to draw attention away from your legs. Also, wear blocks of color that draw the eye away from less-than-perfect areas.

3. Layer: Wearing the correct pieces on top of one another can work miracles. Layers create camouflage where you need it most and adds visual interest to an ensemble. It allows you to break up looks and create new shapes visually by mixing hems and color. To top it off, with layering you won't be caught wearing the same outfit again.

4. Monochromatic Look: Monochrome outfits help your body look longer and leaner. The secret is to use one color in many different tones and you have created a monochromatic look. If you love colour then with a monochromatic look you can also wear colours. And if you select a monochromatic look that goes well with your skin tone, you will make people look at your glowing face.

5. Wear well-fitted clothes: The fit of a garment is the most important thing. Even if you buy good quality clothes, it will be useless if the item is ill-fitting. Body-conscious clothes that hint at your curves, without being overly clingy, are the most flattering. Your clothes have to fit your body - neither oversized nor undersized does the trick. If you can’t find clothing to fit off the rack, get them altered. It's money well-spent. In fact most of the good stores do alterations at no extra charge.

- Avoid Tight Clothes: Avoid tight clothing that will emphasize your problem areas. Tight clothes show those extra fats and calls attention. That is precisely that we don't want - 'attention in wrong places'. Go for well-fitted clothes.

- Avoid shapeless or loose clothing: Do not disguise your shape under baggy items, no one is fooled. Oversized clothes may hide the imperfections but it does not do justice to your positive points and you will look not only wider and heavier, but also without any shape. You are highlighting the very things you want to hide. Say complete no-go to loose or long T-shirts and blouses without any fitting.

6. No Horizontal Stripes: They make you appear wider and shorter because they cause the visual illusion of added width. Instead choose vertical stripes, which make you look longer and, leaner. The skinnier the line the better like pinstripes.

7. Go for a two-piece look: Cardigans/Jackets and vests can hide many figure flaws. Slenderize with fine-textured knits that skim trouble spots but still show your shape.
Tip - When choosing a vest, select one that is longer; if browsing for a jacket/blazer pick out one that is well-fitted, not boxy.

8. Elongate your body: Most of us are not very tall, so try to elongate your body to look slimmer and also to add extra length. Use pants to cover your shoes. If your pants cover your shoes (Esp if you wearing those high heels), your legs look longer, you look leaner and it also creates an illusion of height.

9. Leave your jacket unbuttoned: The vertical line that is created when jackets and coats are left un-buttoned is slimming. Also they don't cringe when you sit, hence taking away attention from your bust or waistline if they are your problem areas.

10. Wear V-necks: the shape of the V draws attention to your waistline and elongates the neck. A collared shirt left unbuttoned at the top will have the same impact.

11. No big pockets: Avoid pants with pockets that catch attention if you are heavy from the bottom. When buying trousers, pick the ones with no pockets or atleast no pockets in the front and small pockets on the back. Choose pockets that are proportionally sized and spaced (too small and wide spaced will make your backside look even broader).
Tip: Slightly low rise pants will make your butt look smaller.

12. Avoid shiny and heavily textured fabrics: Shiny fabrics reflect light, making any area appear larger while heavily textured fabrics add extra weight. Instead pick a print that makes you look slimmer and streamline your figure.

13. Wear the right lingerie: Actually this is where good style starts. Boosting the bust accentuates the waistline and gives you curves in all the right places. 80% women wear the wrong bra size. Going wide in the band width and small in the cup size is a common mistake. Often, women need to go down in the band width and up a cup size. Make sure you’ve been professionally bra fitted and get re-fitted annually because bust sizes change. See below what difference the right sized bra can make:

Before and After

It is very important that you wear the right bra size. You can get yourself measured from a specialist.
Mumbai - in Mumbai the lingerie store 'Boudoir London' at Juhu Tara Road (diagonally opposite Satya Paul and Millionaire Store) offers bra fitting services
London - I myself have got measured at Rigby & Peller Store in London and I would strongly recommend it (it is a complimentary service).

Are you not sure if your bra size is correct?
- Click here for a guide on getting the perfect bra fit.
- Click here to know how to work your true bra size.

14. Wear Shapewear: You can also choose clever and smart shapewears that will instantly shape your bust, tummy, thighs and bums for a smooth, sleek silhouette. It can manipulate almost any body shape and can instantly transform you from frumpy to head-turning; and can slim your curves in all the right places. Minimising bras, Thigh slimmers, Waist and Thigh Cincher, Corsets are some of the shapewear that can instantly alleviate the trouble spots. You can find good shapewear at Marks & Spencer and La Senza in India.

15. Accessorize correctly: Right accessories can make you slimmer while the wrong choice can make you look fatter. If your waist is the problem area then avoid large belts because they bring attention to your tummy. The same way necklaces too close to your face should be used carefully if you have a double chin, because it will accentuate the chin; longer necklaces have the opposite effect. Sleek shoes, like narrow toed pumps or court shoes, will give make you look slimmer and sleeker.

Once you have done the clothing, just these two final tips and you are ready to rock

- Get the right hairstyle for your face: A slimming hairstyle can change your look dramatically. Ask your hairstylist what will suit your face and make your face look slimmer.

- Get your posture right: You can look slimmer if you stand up erect and straight. Do not slouch when standing or sitting, it is really a complete no no.

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