Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st April - Fashion Mistakes

Today is the April Fool's Day

Well girls, hope you weren't the victim today.

Let's look at some Fashion Faux Pas that you 'must' avoid:

- Excessive Matching: Going too matchy-matchy is one mistake that many people make. Blue top, blue eyeliner, blue necklace and blue shoes with black pants. Imagine? It looks ghastly. But sadly, many girls do that, including celebs.

- Wearing Too many Colours: Using too many colours is an ensemble is a common mistake. Ideally, don't wear more than three colours for an easy on the eye co-ordinated look.

- Wearing too many prints: Don't mix and match print. It does not look pleasant to the eye and looks far too busy. Choose a print on top or bottom. Avoid both. Same goes for accessorries. A print bag with a print dress will not look nice.

- Too much makeup: Wearing too much make-up looks horrible and can be a image destructive thing. The most common mistake is wearing too much foundation. Don't think it looks natural and people don't notice. They do.
L-R: Pamela Anderson, Katherine Heigl, Linda Hogan

- Wearing trends that don't suit you: Keep in mind your age and body type while deciding what to wear or buying the latest fashion trend. Only wear items you look good in and not just something because it looks great on someone else. Be sensible.
You don't have to follow every fashion because you have seen a celebrity or a good looking girl on the street wear it or seen it in a fashion show - wear only what suits you.

- Visible Bra and Panty Lines: No it does not look fashionable. Especially on a formal event. Wear undergarments that are the right size for you. Don't try to squeeze into smaller size, it shows and looks horrendous.

You see how bad it looks? Even celebrities make blunders when it comes to selecting the right lingerie. To avoid visible panty lines, buy no-VPL knickers or boy shorts. There are strapless bras, multi-way bras and other variants in the stores to ensure that your bra doesn't show.

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