Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bangles - the hot fashion accessory

Bangles are the hot new accessory trend this season and flickered into focus on the runway. And if you must have noticed, a lot of them are adorning the wrists of celebrities and would continue to do so.

Even models on the ramp were decked with numerous chunky, colourful bangles, bracelets and cuffs on their arms.

Statement worthy bangles add sizzle to any look. There are variety of bangles or bracelets that you can choose from to compliment any ensemble.
L-R: Burberry, Zan Posen, Lacroix
Louis Vuitton displayed African-themed wooden bangles in their collection. Check out picture of Madonna wearing loads of bangles in the Louis Vuitton Spring campaign ads.


Bangles are one of the unostentatious ways of accessorising and a must have accessory this season. It is particularly best for all those fashionistas who have a funky side inside.

You can wear chunky bangles with any look - it goes as well with jeans as it does with a sophisticated dress. You can glam up your look with gold bangles or add a splash of colour with colourful ones or can freshen up your corporate attire by adding one or two chunky sterling silver bangles to your suit or business dress.

When it comes to jewellery in 2009, the bigger and more exotic, the better. So goes for the bangles.

Bangles made Fashion Fun this Season. Get our best picks from the high street:


1 - Hammered row cuff for $6, click here to buy; 2 - Betsey Johnson Sequined Bangle Bracelet for $35 each, click here to buy; 3 - Wooden Bangle set of four from New Look for £6, click here to buy; 4 - Colourful Alexis Bittar Tapered Bangle for $55, click here to buy; 5 - Metallic Bangle Set for £8 (Aldo Accessories), click here to buy; 6 - Threaded and Embossed bangle set for £10, click here to buy; 7 - Embossed Detail Bangle Set (in silver or gold) for £8, click here to buy; 8 - Silver Bangles for £8, click here to buy; 9 - Kate Spade Keswick Caning Bangle for $135, click here to buy ; 10 - Oasis Bangle Set for £12, click here to buy; 11 - Alexis Bittar Two Tone Tapered Bangle Bracelet for $145, click here to buy; 12 - Guess Double G Gold Bangle for £64, click here to buy.

To play it right, wear only two statement pieces at a time either bangles and earrings, bangles and necklace or bangles and ring.

Check out How you can liven up the outfit with bangles:

- Stack some colourful bangles to brighten up your black outfit
- Team a single oversized silver bangle or multiple bangles with your formals. Make sure you choose something subdued and not OTT, because you are not going to a pub or out shopping, but at your workplace. And you certainly don't want to attract too much attention. Another thing, choose oversized bangle or bracelet not multiple noise making ones.

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How much to spend on Bangles?

When it comes comes to how much you should spend on a good piece of bangle, the best part is you can get a bangle that looks like a million dollar for just $1.

So you need not shell out too much to get a good pair of fashionable bangles. But make sure of the quality before you pick from the street. Some of them use harsh chemicals which can cause rashes or other skin problems. The colour may also rip off and may damage your clothes.

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