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New Year is all about dressing up and having fun. These are five party must haves to GET READY FOR THE BASH.


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Elegant and feminine, DRESS is a MUST-HAVE for this NEW YEAR PARTY. A fabulous dress will make you feel a million dollars instantly. So add glamous and sophistication to your special occassion dressing with YOUR DRESS.
Styles you can wear:
- Look out for shape and opulence in fabulous jewel-encrusted satin and silk dresses or cascading frilled one-shoulder numbers.
- For a more girly and glamorous look pick cocktail dresses or prom dresses, they are especially popular with the younger party-goers.

Black is always glitzy, but Look out for colours for this new year eve - purple, yellow, silver, red (is the new black this season), blue, gold and their variations.

Below are some Hot Dresses for New Year Party

- One-shouldered Dress
These dresses are one of they key trends this season and was a favourite on runway with Lanvin, Valentino, Missoni. This style works well with women of all sizes and are flattering on both petite and plus sized women.

This dress will emphasize your figure. Don’t forget about accessories: earrings, bracelet, cocktail ring and clutch and choose comfortable and right colour heels.
Stockist: ASOS; Price: £37.20
- Halter Dress
Halter is one of the most flattering style. Pick a dress in halter for turning heads.

This dress is sophistication to the max and I just adore the satin fabric and ribbon layered style which makes it that extra bit special. Echoing Herve Leger's signature bandage dress, at $200 it for sure would make a statement on the NYE. This halter number will look stunning teamed with a smart clutch with matching shoes (in colour) and chandelier earrings.

A similar styled dress is also available at Lipsy for £34.25, click here to view and buy.

- Lace
Lace is very popular and is the one of the hottest trends of this season. The age of romance comes alive in a lovely silhouette and delicate lace.

The Black and Gold Lace Dress is perfect for the New Year Evening, whether you're going for a dinner party or clubbing. Accessorize it with gold earrings and bracelet and a nice pair of gold stillettos to make a glamorous entry.
Stockist: ASOS; Price: £28


L- Lace Dress from Forever New; R- Lace Corsage Dress from Oasis


Forever New: Lace and Ruffle are the trend this season, they look feminine and flirty. This style works best on skinny girls. The Victorian lace rufle detail dress from Forever New will make all the heads turn to you.
Stockist: Forever New available in Australia and India (Mumbai, Bangalore and Ludhiana).

Oasis: So romantic, black colour in lace. I think you'll look absolutely fabulous in thuis strapless dress. Click here to buy Oasis Lace Corsage Dress
- Tafetta Dress

Glamour at its best: iridescent taffeta finds itself in a flattering silhouette with soft pleats and a cinched waist.
Stockist: Banana Republic; Price: $99.99

Whatever you wear, make sure you have a great one!

Bling on, jewellery is a must – add chunky metallic and jewelled cuffs, chandelier earrings and droplet necklaces (though not all at once – less is more).

High enough to make a statement but comfortable enough to party all-night the choice of shoe is crucial. Choose platform stilletos for a sleek sexy look and they would be comfortable .

Complete your party look by letting your hair down. So what is the difference between party hairstyles and other formal hairstyles? Party hairdos are generally a little more cute and fun, a little less serious and formal.

Blow-dry them to get flirty waves or thick bangs. If you are looking for a significant change in your look, go for a bang or fringes, the hottest this season are long thick bangs that go passed the eye brows.

Ashlee Simpson and Sarah Michelle Giller in bangs

Bangs - they're in and they look hot. Long, sideswept bangs, heavy curtains of bangs....there's no hotter trend right now.

Choose from side sweeping bangs (like Mughdha Godse, below), straight bangs (like Sarah Michelle Giller above or Ira Dubey below), wavy bangs, choppy bangs or heavy bangs with layered hair (like Ashlee Simpson, above). Check with your hair stylist what kind of bangs will suit your face shape the best.

Mughdha Godse

Ira Dubey

Clutches are a quick, one-accessory way to make your outfit pop. Oversized Clutches are hot and will give some extra space for all your goodies.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trend Watch - Oversized Clutches

bigger, better

The OVERSIZED CLUTCH was the hottest accessory last year with many celebrities (Victoria Beckham, Lindsay lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parket) sporting the style generously and IT IS STILL A HOT FASHION TREND. "I think it's so chic and glamorous. I love it for day; I love it for night", stylist Nicole Chavez says. They're an instant way to bring an outfit up to date.

Victoria Beckham carrying Jimmy Choo Clutch (left) and Hermes Baccara Clutch at Oscar De La Renta Spring Show 2008 (right)

Victoria Beckham is carrying Jimmy Choo's Marin Oversized Bad, buy from for $1,250 or for £637.

Ashlee Simpson (left) and Katherine McPhee (right)

Gwen Stefani carrying L.A.M.B convertible oversized clutch

The oversized clutch has ample space for all your essentials but doesn't lead to lugging shoulder-killing loads around. As well as being elegant to look at themselves, the oversized clutch bag forces you to carry yourself more elegantly too, rather than hunching up under a heavy shoulder bag. It's been spotted all over the runway from Bottega Veneta and Lanvin to Missoni.

The best part of carrying the overnight clutch is that it gives you freedom to carry something fashionable and chic while being able to carry everything you need with ease.

Budget Buys

1. Matt and Nat Japanese Paper Oversized Clutch for £50 now (earlier was £100), click here to buy

2. Suzy Smith Oversized Twist Lock Clutch for £25 now (earlier £39), click here to buy

3. Linea Satin Oversized Flap Over Frame Clutch for £48 from House of Fraser. Available in three colours - purple, black and silver. Our pick: Purple. Purple in satin looks very elegant and rich. Click here to buy.


What can I accessorize it with?
If you are a subtle dresser then you can let the oversized clutch be your main accessory. But if you love to accessorize then pile on the bangles so all the attention is drawn towards the bag.

I am petite, can I still carry an oversized clutch?
Petite girls don't need need to skip the trend. It will look great on you too.

So follow the lead of famous fashionistas and carry a clutch with space to spare.

Smart Tip: Invest in one with a detachable strap so it transforms into the next big thing - a sling bag.

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Celebrity Watch - December 2008

From the last month's celebrity watch, this time the (Bollywood) glitterati seem to have taken some style tips and have really worked hard on their wardrobe. Read on to see what I mean.

Grey Moods and Black Magic

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar at Indian Television Awards
Twinkle is wearing a nice grey shift dress with hubby Akshay looking hot as ever in the black suit. Did they both just had a squabble? Looks like, with Akshay pulling her hand a bit hard and from that agitated look on Twinkle's face. But they definitely look good together.

A metallic accent belt cinching the waist, oversized clutch and those gold hoops are the perfect addition to the dress. Twinkle sure understands the power of right accessories and always works it in her favour.

When it comes to style, I like Twinkle, she is one of the few stylish girls in the Bollywood industry who has a good taste, experiments and gives more hits than misses. In fact she was featured in this month's ELLE (India) in the 50 most stylish list.

Pencil Skirts and Blouses - a new fav of Bollywood girl(s?)

Who is carrying the look better, Karisma or Priyanka?

L - Priyanka Chopra at Ayushi Mahajan Art Event ; R - Karisma Kapoor

Although I think both look good, satin is just not working for me. And I see some issues with Priyanka's blouse.

Priyanka Chopra at a Medical Camp in Mumbai
After a few fashion-fiascos Priyanka seems to be playing safe but she sure looks good. Same style, pencil skirt with a girly blouse tucked-in, but in quick succession. I'd prefer to repeat the style than looking horrendous, if I get it wrong 8 out of 10 times. Well Priyanka, experiment the next time, but please take a good stylist's advice.

Victoria Beckham

Who do you like better, Bollywood girls Priyanka or Karisma in their skirts or the sophisticated Posh (Victoria Beckham) in her calf-length dress (which at one glance looks like skirt and a blouse)?

Preity Zinta (L) at 5th Dubai International Film Festival and (R) at a photocall in Dubai
After a few misses Preity has come to her stylish sense once again. Cheers Preity, you're looking nice. The jacket in both the looks has been carried well. She has smartly created different looks with one piece of clothing. Girls take some tip.

Click here to read more on how to create different looks with one piece of clothing, without being caught wearing it again.

L - Sienna Miller and R - Keira Knightley
I like the monochromatic look of Sienna Miller, in the little black dress and this season's hot accessory 'tights'. While Keira Knightley has worked on this season's hottest trend 'lace' in a gothic-ish tiered dress. Like her shoes too.

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Celebration Time - gift ideas

It’s that time of year - celebrations and decorations. Shopping and gifting.

Temperature is dropping and we’re sipping hot coffee. And, beauty gift sets are everywhere we turn! The packaging, the limited editions, having several items from my favorite brand all in one little package, the deals…it makes me feel oh-so-merry! This winter, there are gift sets galore! Here are some of our favorites:

BODY SHOP gift sets:

1. Strawberry Sundae - Beautify Pick
Sweet, fruity and girly. An irresistible gift set with moisturizing strawberry seed oil, shea and cocoa butters to keep her skin as soft as silk. Perfect for the tween on your list.
Includes: 60ml Strawberry Shower Gel, 60ml Strawberry Puree Body Lotion, 100g Strawberry Heart Soap, Red Bath Lily.
Costs: Rs. 895 ; UK - £6.4 ; USA - $7.5

2. Shower Time Cascade
You can’t go wrong with variety. This unforgettable gift set has five skin-cleansing favorites loaded with moisturizing Community Trade ingredients. Great for the teen on your list. Includes: 60ml Coconut Shower Cream, 60ml Mango Shower Gel, 60ml Strawberry Shower Gel, 60ml Satsuma Shower Gel, 60ml Shea Shower Cream and Reusable metallic tray made from the Asian mendong plant, great for holding make-up or nail polish.
Costs: India - Rs. 1,195 ; UK - £6.4 ; USA - $10
3. Warm Amber Joyful Times - Beautify Pick
Share the warmth with this new Warm Amber gift set. Community Trade ingredients and fragrant amber extract soften skin and take the chill out of Winter nights.
Includes: 50ml Warm Amber Body Butter, 250ml Warm Amber Shower Gel, 50ml Warm Amber Body Scrub, Warm Amber Mini Votive and Two-tone Orange Bath Lily.
Costs: India - Rs. 2,495 ; UK - now £16 ; USA - now $17.5

4. White Musk Temptation
Why resist temptation? Treat someone special to this luxurious gift set and give in to the pure sensuality of the soft, velvety White Musk fragrance. The gift set comes in a chic bag make it a great gift for the frequent traveler. Includes: 60ml White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel, 60ml White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion, 30ml White Musk Eau de Toilette and Lilac Peva Bath Lily Stylish purple metallic cosmetic bag with leatherette trim is perfect for travel.
Costs: India - Rs. 1,795 ; UK - now £9.6 ; USA - $20.3

5. Cranberry Celebrations
You can’t go wrong with this holiday classic. Fragrant cranberry fruit extract moisturize the skin and indulge the senses. Includes: 60ml Cranberry Body Lotion, 60ml Cranberry Shower Gel, 100g Cranberry Soap.
Costs: India - Rs. 995 ; USA - now $7.5

6. Head to toe Collection
Includes: 60ml, Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, 60ml Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, 60ml Olive Glossing Shampoo, 60ml Olive Glossing Conditioner, 60ml Coconut Shower Cream.
Costs: Rs. 1,395 ; UK - £9.6 ; USA - now $12.5

7. Neroli Jasmin Me Time
Comes in a beautiful Cotton cosmetic bag with floral printed trim and zip closure.Includes: 60ml Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion, 60ml Neroli Jasmin Shower Gel, 30ml Neroli Jasmin Eau De Toilette and NEW PEVA Lily – Peach.
Costs: India - Rs. 1,695 ; UK - now £9.6

8. White Musk Moments
Includes: 60ml White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion, 60 ml White Musk Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel and 20g Ultra Fine Lily – Lilac.
Costs: India - Rs. 695 ; UK - £4.8

Shop Online:
Body Shop Stores in India:
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Noida, Pune

Ralph Lauren 'ROMANCE' perfume Gift Set

ROMANCE - It's pink. It's perfume. It smells divine. And it's even got the word "romance" on it. It's the best Christmas/New Year Gift for your girl friend (and girls wanting to gift their men, Romance for men is good too).
This isn't just perfume, though. No, you get the perfume, the moisturiser and the sensuous bath and shower gel, so you can layer your scent. And you get it all for the price of Rs. 4,995 (in USA $69)for a 100 ml perfume bottle, plus a 50ml body lotion and shower gel. Can your gift get any better? (and for men any more romantic? Yes you can add a chocolate box to make it more romantic).
A refreshing fragrance that is sexy yet subtle and sophisticated. And I am sure most of the girls will love the smell.
Available at all departmental stores nationwide (across the world).
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Celebrity Beauty and Make-up Must Have

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif, the pretty British born actress who has taken Bollywood by storm by her pretty looks and beautiful skin, says that the secret behind her fresh, luminous looks is being natural. She loves Body Shop's Cocoa Body Butter and never goes to bed without removing the makeup and applying the La Prairie Cellular Night Cream.

Katrina's Heaven Scent: Gucci Rush

Katrina's make-up must haves:
1. MAC Lipstick in Creme d'Nude
2. Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara
3. Shu Uemura Glow on Blush
Diana Penty

Diana Penty, the super model who replaced Deepika Padhukone as the new face of Maybelline, keeps her style simple, elegant and understated.

Diana's Heavent Scent: CK One for the day and Gucci Envy at night.

Diana's make-up must haves:
1. Chanel Kohl Pencil
2. Lancome Mascara
3. MAC Lipgloss, Rs. 870

Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen, Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe, is one of the most elegant females in the Bollywood.

Sushmita's Heaven Scent: Eau d’Hermes by Hermes for day and Amarige by Givenchy for night.

Sushmita's make-up must haves:
1. YSL Ever Long mascara
2. Lancome Juicy tubes in Copacabana coffee
3. Dior Bronze Blush
4. Chanel automatic liquid eyeliner

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh, the red-headed American film and television actress and a former model, is stlyish, sophisticated and is famous for her work in Grey's Anatomy and Pricate Practice.
Kate's Heaven Scent: Jessica McClintock Fragrance
Kate's Make-up must haves:1. MAC Eye Kohl in Powersurge
2. Stila Sun Powder Bronzer in Shade
3. Lip Fusion
4. Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Serum
5. Chanel Vitalumiere Fluid Makeup SPF 15
6. Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara in Brownish Black

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6 Worldly Buys

On your next trip to London, New York, Dubai or Singapore, six absolute must visit stores.

1. Bebe
Bebe represents fashion that is inspirational, distinctive and unmistakably sensual that provides for the modern, sophisticated and confident woman who aspires to a high level of luxury and glamour with clothes that fit and flatter the contours of her body.

Through high quality designs with its signature sassy edge and detailing, this American label makes dressing up effortless and exciting. Bebe’s collections are highly individual, beautifully structured and produced from quality fabrics.

And guess what? 8 out of 10 times you will find a Bollywood babe wearing the Bebe clothes you picked from the store.

Best pick: Dresses, t-shirts, vests, satin (skirts, dresses, blouses)
Weight on Wallet: $$$$$
Store Locator

L-R: Priyanka Chopra, Mischa Barton, Malaika Arora, Eva Longoria in bebe
2. Karen Millen
Sophisticated, stylish, high-quality and fashionable describes the Karen Millen label. More upmarket than many of its high street neighbours, Karen Millen is one of the chic fashion brands that bridge the gap between the high street and designer markets.
Stars from Hollywood to Bollywood love to wear Karen Millen. They guarantee high quality beautifully designed clothing, footwear and accessories.

Best pick: Dresses, clutch bags
Weight on Wallet: $$$$$
Store Locator

L-R: Deepika Padhukone, Mary Parker, Twinkle Khanna, Priyanka Chopra and Eva Longoria in Karen Millen

3. Zara
One of the best high street stores, the Spanish brand Zara, produces great versions of good quality high-end designer looks. The store is one of few that offers quick fashion after the clothes has appeared on the catwalk.

The perfect place to pick up everything you could need to get a fabulous head-to-toe look. No shopping trip is complete without a visit to Zara.

Best picks: Shirts (formal to casual), coats, dresses (I think almost everything).
Weight on Wallet: $$$-$$$$
Store Locator

4. River Island
Known for its constantly evolving, stylish and high quality fashion, the British high-street brand River Island is a must visit store. From funky to sophisticated they have something to suit every woman's style. The attention to detail they give to their clothes and the quality they offer at the price offering is remarkable.

Best picks: Shirts, jeans, evening tops and bags. Their jeans quality and fit is amazing making it a must-buy.
Weight on Wallet: $$$
Store Locator

L-R: Mana Shetty (top) and Katie Price (Bleached Jeans) in River Island

5. Topshop
Topshop is without doubt the best value and most cutting edge fashion store on the high street. . Their constantly changing collection, catwalk inspired clothing and accessories are favourite among the young style conscious audience.

Winner of several Best High Street Shop Award, Topshop is a must visit store on your shopping spree abroad. Their overwhelming choices (especially in the London Oxford Street store), huge variety in sizes and great collection, fitting every budget, will definitely make any woman happy.
Best picks: Jackets, denim pants, prom dresses and belts.
Weight on Wallet: $$$
Store Locator
Stars love to wear Topshop

6. New Look
New Look offers trendy looks at reasonable prices. Their trendy collections are heavily inspired by catwalk and in terms of value for money, no one can beat new look among the high street brands.
Maybe not the best quality, but their products are good quality and last long enough to last many seasons till you get bored. Their constantly changing selection ensures that they always keep up with fashion. The accessories here are particularly fab.

Best picks: Accessories, shoes, jackets and knickers.
Weight on Wallet: $$
Store Locator

$$$$$ - most expensive
$ - least expensive