Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fashion's New Address - India

Indian/Bollywood style is taking the Western Fashion by a storm.
Hermes took its Spring/Summer 2008 Collection's inspiration from India. And, now, post-Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood fashion is Hollywood's biggest trend.

Hollywood babes are loving the Indian fashion. In 2008, Pussycat Dolls donned black sarees at NYC Fashion Week's hottest event Fashion Rocks.

Britney Spears also joined the Bollywood Bandwagon with her Bollywood inspired dress at her Circus Tour in New Orleans (March 3rd). Nicole Scherzinger seems to be really awed by the Bollywood fashion. She particularly loves wearing colourful bindis and dupattas. She was seen wearing Indian-ish outfit at multiple occassions. She wore an Indian dupatta with jeans and had an Indian bindi on her forehead at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Britney Spears at New Orleans

Nicole Scherzinger (Source and Source)

So what describes the Bollywood trend?

Bright and rich colors combined with fabulous fabrics like brocade, jacquard, chiffon, and amazing beading and metallic embroidery.

How to wear this trend?

Pick a brocade skirt, beaded tops, kundan or polka earrings or cuffs, Indian inspired prints on your tops or dresses. Or simply wear a saree.

Result? You'll look rich, elegant and yes be prepared for the heads turning for you.
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Update 28th March 2009
Nicole Kidman in a nude coloured dress teamed with Indian accessories. Standing next to Nicole is Slumdog Millionaire's Rubiana Ali, they are shooting for an ad. Nicole is wearing a huge kundan necklace and what seems like an Indian bangle.

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