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SCARVES - fashion item to pep you up INSTANTLY!!!

Scarves are beautiful and really trendy piece of accessory. They are the most versatile of all pieces of clothes. They add color and style to any outfit and can change the look of an ensemble almost immediately!

Scarves make a big fashion statement and are closely associated with certain famous fashion names, like Hermes (did you read Devil Wears Prada? how that woman Miranda drops her Hermes scarves everywhere).

In my opinion a scarf can do the whole outfit (instead of putting on loads of accessories to complete the look) and guess what they are incredibly inexpensive.

Creating different looks

Feminine and sophisticated - the trick to being trendy is to wear your scarf imaginative ways.

So be creative with your scarf and have fun trying out the many different ways to wear your fashion scarves.

You can wear it around your neck loosely knotted, tie it around your waist to make it a wonderful belt, wear it as a headband with the ends loosely hanging over your front shoulder, tie one around the handle of your handbag, or wear a long scarf wrapped around your head in the style of a snood.

- On of the most popular (and currently on-trend) looks is to wear a patterned scarf tied-up in a bow over sweaters and under jackets and blazers. Pick from paisley to polka-dots.

- Add glam to your simple tee or make your simple cami-top look classy, just wear a piece of scarf with your outfit.
Kareena Kapoor (right) looked very urban chic outside the airport with her beau and at (left) at Time India Food Guide Awards.

- To add a splash of colour to your conservative or a plain boring suit consider a tiny stand-out scarf that will peak out.

- Another great way to use a scarf is as a head wrap or headband to bring a boring look truly to life like Audrey Hepburn, the way she wears the scarf around her head looks so classic. And I love the headband look of Audrey.


Scarves - always fashionable

The scarf has been around for more than hundred years and has been mostly used as an utilitarian fashion accessory. But today its not just 'utility', it is a BIG FASHION ACCESORY that instantly turns a woman look chic and stylish or trendy and funky.
For the women of Paris, the scarf has been a standard wardrobe element regardless of age or economic status, and they are famous for their ability to knot, toss, wrap, tie, loop, fold, etc. in an amazing assortment of stylish looks.

Dress it up or dress it down. Keep a scarf handy so you never need to be chilly or poorly accessorized.

An investment fashion accessory

If you are on a tight budget, adding a scarf to your wardrobe will make it look plentiful even if you wear the same outfit over and over again. Adding a scarf can update your look, making people think you have a whole new wardrobe even if it is just the scarf you have added!

The pink top Kareena is wearing (top), minus the scarf and a new jeans can make her look completely different the next time.

Scarves for summer

Its a general belief that Scarves are only a winter fashion item. BUT IT IS WRONG. Scarves have no particular season to be worn. Stores bring out various types of scarves for every season and weather type.

For summer choose scarves made of flowie, light weight cottons or light textures such as chiffon. Satin and polyester blends are thin and cool and will add detail without adding to the heat factor. You can choose from many complimentary styles and patterns.

In fact once the AC cools the summer temperature, the summer attire can get uncomfortable indoors. With a scarf, you have the added comfort of warmth as well as the flexibility to take it off outdoors if you get too warm.

Celebrities making fashion statement with scarves

Scarves are timeless, beautiful piece of accessory, so lots of celebs wear scarves to all kinds of events, from a walk in the city to red carpets of most glamorous ceremonies. Take a look at these stylish women and their use of the scarf.

Katie Holmes - adding light to her look

You see what a scarf can do to your look? Katie Holmes scarf sporting completely turned her look around. Her scarf makes her look noticeable and turns her simple black sheer top and jeans ensemble into chic styling.

Shenae Grimes - casual and red carpet look

Shenae Grimes (right) makes heads turn with her simple yet stylish look consisting of a white button-up shirt with a white scarf teamed with a black high-waisted skirt, black socks, and black lace-up boots. The scarf surely made her complete outfit interesting.

Miss Grimes (left) looked casual-yet-stylish in a black tank top with a dark red scarf, slim fit jeans, and tan suede moccasin-style ankle boots. The red scarf surely changed her simple look..... .
Hilary Duff and Adriana Lima

gym look turned stylish (left) - Hilary Duff dressed casually, sporting her gym duds paired up with a yellow and black checkered scarf wrapped around her neck. I surely love what she has done with that scarf, she pepped up her track pants and sneaker look completely.

Adriana (right) adds a splash of colour with her scarf.
Victoria Beckham scarving with son

Celebrities' pick: Lots of celebrities love 'Tolani Scraves' from Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Minnillo to Sienna Miller. Jessica Alba loves Tolani scarves and has been spotted wearing them on several occasions. Tolani Scarves have elements of traditional cultures, blended with the modern design elements that create an elegant and fun to wear piece.

Jessica Alba in Tolani Scarf

Budget Buy: You can find great scarves at Colaba Market (Colaba Causeway) in Mumbai and Sarojini Nagar and Janpath in Delhi. The street shops have great variety in various patterns and colours. Go choose your pick today.

Bollywood - catching up
I must say that Hollywood celebs certainly know their style statement and generously use scarves to show off their fashionable side. Though our own Bollywood is catching up, but surely the Bollywood celebs need to learn more.

There is a scarf for every occasion, every season, and every style. If you want to add personal flavor to your wardrobe, there is no better way than by adding this perfect accessory.
There are tons of ways you can wear a scarf and twisting, rolling and folding are just some common ways. You can always make your own style by wearing the scarf in your own way. Click here to see various styles of wearing a scarf.


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