Friday, August 28, 2009

Shoe Spotting: olsen Haus

Why do vegan shoes have to be shapeless, boring and Birkenstock-ish? No more. olsen Haus, a chic and cruelty-free brand, launched leather-free shoes that speaks of style and luxury.

olsen Haus is an American brand started by Elizabeth Olsen who has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, Bulga, Nine West, Jodi Arnold, MINT and many others. Elizabeth Olsen herself is a vegan of two years, vegetarian since nineteen years and an animal-rights advocate for over twenty.
Like Stella McCartney, Ms Olsen also believes in creating chic vegan-friendly line. Her cruelty-free, vegan friendly shoes are hip and modern and come in sassy colours and style. Each shoe is tailored with luxury and style. Her designs are completely delectable and a blessing for all the animal friendly fashionistas.
Cameron Diaz wearing olsen Haus shoes in May 2009 Vogue issue, Source
olsen Haus shoes have become popular with many celebrities like Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amy Sedaris and Cameron Diaz and have been featured in various magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, O - Oprah Winfrey's Magazine and Star. Cameron voted olsen Haus shoes as one of her favourite accessories. In the picture (above), Diaz is wearing one of their shoes in an issue of Vogue magazine.

olsen Haus incorporates bright colors and materials such as cork, linen and ultra-suede to their designs, that are made of non-animal materials, in sample rooms and factories that adheres to ethical practices. Her shoes are priced at an average of $140-$250, not cheap, but definitely worth the luxury every pair emanates.

With these stylish and cruelty-free shoes, you can step in guilt-free splendour at all times without forsaking luxury and style.

olsen Haus soon plans to expand into handbags, so stay tuned.

For more information on olsen Haus line, click here

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  1. olsen Haus has great shoes, totally loved the designs.

    gr8 that they are animal-friendly. No guilt feeling!!!!!


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