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High-end fashion does not have to be cruel and part of the animal trade. It can be just as glamorous, elegant, thrilling and beautiful without any cruelty involved. Unfortunately many people believe fashion is more important than the life of animals, and to feed their needs many designers continue to capitalize on the animals' lives. Even vegetarians cannot contain themselves from luxury brands' leather handbags and shoes rage. Think before you buy, do you want to kill animal for the sake of fashion. Fashion should be fun, not fatal!
Click here to know what an animal undergoes for your Jimmy Choo Shoes or Louis Vuitton Bags.

There are lots of high-quality substitutes for animal skin and many designers and luxury brands are using them in their collections.

Stella McCartney, the name synonymous to style and luxury, has proved that luxury does not mean being cruel. Stella McCartney is famous for her sharp tailoring, irreverence and sexy femininity. A strict vegetarian, her designs are fur and leather free. In addition to keeping leather and fur out of her collections, the luxury designer also has vegan perfumes and luxury organic cruelty-free range of skincare in her portfolio. Stella has also won 'Best Green Designer Award'.

Click on following links to buy Stella McCartney Online:
- Stella McCartney Online Store
- Net-a-Porter

In India, Stella McCartney is stocked at Kitsch Stores in Delhi (Emporio Mall) and Mumbai.

Jill Milan: talking of luxury cannot be started without bringing in Italian designs. True to its words Jill Milan is a luxury Indian made brand of handcrafted luxury handbags. Each bag is made in Florence, Italy by artisans who have a heritage of crafting the best luxury accessories in the world. The chains on Jill Milan’s bags are handmade by a Florentine craftsman. The beads used on many of the handbags are blown by artisans in Italy’s famed Murano.
Every bag is a work of art, an individual creation designed for modern men and women. And the USP? They are completely free from leather.

Marc Bouwer is a highly influential designer in the world of high fashion. His creations add phenomenal glamour and style to an array of red carpet events around the world. He decided to go ethical and stopped using any animal skins or products in his designs. He refrains from using fur, leather and wool in his collections.
Dalia MacPhee - Need a vegan evening gown? With silk dominating the category, it can be hard to find. Thankfully, 99% of Dalia MacPhee's new evening wear collection — sold at mainstream outlets like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom — is vegan (you can buy her designs from Nordstrom online store as well). Dalia MacPhee's gowns and dresses are also favourite among celebrity A-listers like Missy Yager (at Golden Globe Awards), Nina Dobrev (of Vampire Diaries), Maiara Walsh (from Desperate Housewives) and Lindsay Pulsipher (True Blood).

And what makes it more interesting it that MacPhee plants a tree in Tahoe's fire-destroyed Tree of Life Grove for every gown she makes, as not all choice her clothing maybe eco-friendly. Gorgeous!

Matt and Nat makes cruelty-free smart and stylish handbags and clutches that you would love in your wardrobe. They produce two lines a year, and each collection is filled with clean lines, bright colours and interesting details. Their designs are classy yet modern. You would not desire Balenciaga or Gucci once you see Matt and Nat cruelty-free handbags. List of celebrities that love Matt and Nat bags include Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore and Teri Hatcher. More on Matt and Nat or click here to buy online.

German Brand Puma and adidas by Stella McCartney makes high-quality non-leather athletic trainers.

Online store has a selection of non-leather shoes and handbags. In fact while making a search, you can filter your search by selecting non-leather in the category.

Beyond Skin, a vegan luxury ethical footwear label, makes beautiful, classic, hand-made shoes that combine style and fashion with a cruelty-free lifestyle. They have a variety of fashionable and stylish, high-quality ladies shoes, stilettos and boots. Their shoes are stylish and does not make style and vegan oxymorons, in fact they combine the two and is a great place for fashionistas to shop cruelty-free shoes!!!!

olsenHaus is an American brand started by Elizabeth Olsen who has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, Bulga, Nine West, Jodi Arnold, MINT and many others. She put an end to making shapeless and boring vegan shoe by creating a line that is chic and synonymous with style. Celebrities like Emily Deschanel, Alicia Silverstone, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amy Sedaris and Cameron Diaz love her shoes. To shop those stylish vegan stilletos or delectable flats, click here.

On Budget?
Charles and Keith, the Singapore's high-street shoe brand, has a wide range of stylish non-leather shoes, bags and belts. Their shoes are concoction of style, quality and sensuality for fashionable women at affordable prices. Charles and Keith's products are available in over 23 countries, predominantly in Asia and Middle East (they are not complete cruelty-free brand, but have a good non-leather variety).

Malcolm Frontier have great collection of stylish bags and accessories. Malcolm Fontier shows us that leather isn't the only option for durability and luxury when it comes to wallets, bags and toiletry cases. The unisex pieces are all made from PVC-free alternatives including coated canvas. Its a great brand especially for me, who are looking for cruelty-free stylish bags.
How to check if the product contains leather?

Read on What's Wrong With Leather?

FUR is not fashion
Wearing animal fur on your body does not reflect chic, class or style, but cruelty. Buy faux fur. Many of the big designers in the fashion world have already started using faux-fur. Vivienne Westwood, Juicy Couture and Stella McCartney use cruelty-free fur in (some of) their collections.

If you're vegetarian or love animals, stop putting lipsticks, mascara, moisturiser, perfume or other beauty products made from animal ingredients. Cosmetic brands that offer vegetarian and even vegan products include Clarins (not all makeup is vegan as they use carmine in their products), Chantecialle (luxury skincare and makeup brand, with all vegetarian products and an exclusive vegan line too), Dr Hauschka (not entirely vegetarian, both use carmine in their coloured products, like makeup, but have vegan mascaras and more), Origins, Suki, Urban Decay (they have a special vegan line), Oriflame (for the girl on budget), Stella McCartney, Lush.

Recommended: A favourite with celebrities, Chantecialle offers natural luxury beauty products that are pure and gentle yet effective. Urban Decay is my another favourite brand for vegan makeup range.

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