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New Year is all about dressing up and having fun. These are five party must haves to GET READY FOR THE BASH.


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Elegant and feminine, DRESS is a MUST-HAVE for this NEW YEAR PARTY. A fabulous dress will make you feel a million dollars instantly. So add glamous and sophistication to your special occassion dressing with YOUR DRESS.
Styles you can wear:
- Look out for shape and opulence in fabulous jewel-encrusted satin and silk dresses or cascading frilled one-shoulder numbers.
- For a more girly and glamorous look pick cocktail dresses or prom dresses, they are especially popular with the younger party-goers.

Black is always glitzy, but Look out for colours for this new year eve - purple, yellow, silver, red (is the new black this season), blue, gold and their variations.

Below are some Hot Dresses for New Year Party

- One-shouldered Dress
These dresses are one of they key trends this season and was a favourite on runway with Lanvin, Valentino, Missoni. This style works well with women of all sizes and are flattering on both petite and plus sized women.

This dress will emphasize your figure. Don’t forget about accessories: earrings, bracelet, cocktail ring and clutch and choose comfortable and right colour heels.
Stockist: ASOS; Price: £37.20
- Halter Dress
Halter is one of the most flattering style. Pick a dress in halter for turning heads.

This dress is sophistication to the max and I just adore the satin fabric and ribbon layered style which makes it that extra bit special. Echoing Herve Leger's signature bandage dress, at $200 it for sure would make a statement on the NYE. This halter number will look stunning teamed with a smart clutch with matching shoes (in colour) and chandelier earrings.

A similar styled dress is also available at Lipsy for £34.25, click here to view and buy.

- Lace
Lace is very popular and is the one of the hottest trends of this season. The age of romance comes alive in a lovely silhouette and delicate lace.

The Black and Gold Lace Dress is perfect for the New Year Evening, whether you're going for a dinner party or clubbing. Accessorize it with gold earrings and bracelet and a nice pair of gold stillettos to make a glamorous entry.
Stockist: ASOS; Price: £28


L- Lace Dress from Forever New; R- Lace Corsage Dress from Oasis


Forever New: Lace and Ruffle are the trend this season, they look feminine and flirty. This style works best on skinny girls. The Victorian lace rufle detail dress from Forever New will make all the heads turn to you.
Stockist: Forever New available in Australia and India (Mumbai, Bangalore and Ludhiana).

Oasis: So romantic, black colour in lace. I think you'll look absolutely fabulous in thuis strapless dress. Click here to buy Oasis Lace Corsage Dress
- Tafetta Dress

Glamour at its best: iridescent taffeta finds itself in a flattering silhouette with soft pleats and a cinched waist.
Stockist: Banana Republic; Price: $99.99

Whatever you wear, make sure you have a great one!

Bling on, jewellery is a must – add chunky metallic and jewelled cuffs, chandelier earrings and droplet necklaces (though not all at once – less is more).

High enough to make a statement but comfortable enough to party all-night the choice of shoe is crucial. Choose platform stilletos for a sleek sexy look and they would be comfortable .

Complete your party look by letting your hair down. So what is the difference between party hairstyles and other formal hairstyles? Party hairdos are generally a little more cute and fun, a little less serious and formal.

Blow-dry them to get flirty waves or thick bangs. If you are looking for a significant change in your look, go for a bang or fringes, the hottest this season are long thick bangs that go passed the eye brows.

Ashlee Simpson and Sarah Michelle Giller in bangs

Bangs - they're in and they look hot. Long, sideswept bangs, heavy curtains of bangs....there's no hotter trend right now.

Choose from side sweeping bangs (like Mughdha Godse, below), straight bangs (like Sarah Michelle Giller above or Ira Dubey below), wavy bangs, choppy bangs or heavy bangs with layered hair (like Ashlee Simpson, above). Check with your hair stylist what kind of bangs will suit your face shape the best.

Mughdha Godse

Ira Dubey

Clutches are a quick, one-accessory way to make your outfit pop. Oversized Clutches are hot and will give some extra space for all your goodies.

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