Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Secret Diaries

Get your pen and diary to keep a note of these special treatments, services and addresses from around the world that you would savour. This article will be updated with new records, so keep coming back for little treats.

The Customised Perfume,
This website offers an exciting service which allows you to create your personal perfume or cologne. The unique scent can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or for your own unique treat or indulgence. You can even buy a gift voucher for a loved one to start their own creation.

This user-friendly website allows you to create a personalised fragrance in minutes by answering simple questions about the wearer's personality and their tastes like their favourite food and music tastes. Experienced perfumers then match these details with the finest essential oils to craft an exclusive scent that is delivered in one to two weeks.

Presented in a pretty bottle, the scent arrives adorned with the wearer's favourite flower. The best part of the service is that if you are not delighted with your creation you can simply return it in an instant and get a refund without any hassle.

A 50 ml bottle of Eau de Parfum costs £30, including postage and wrapping.

The Lingerie, Rigby and Peller
Buy yourself the finest lingerie, receive service fit for a Queen, get a bra-fitting service or treat yourself with a custom-made bra for the perfect fit from a company which has held the Royal Warrant since 1960. Rigby and Peller understands the finer points of corsetry, offer an extensive range of bras and are known for the quality of their luxurious lingerie and their expert bra fitting service.

Most of the women are yet to know how great it feels to be wearing a bra that fits. But when you will walk out of Rigby and Peller, you will sure have a million dollar smile.

They have an extensive range of ready to wear luxurious and sexy lingerie for all sizes, from 30AA to 48H. If you are not satisfied with the fit, you can get a bra custom-made for you through their made-to-measure service. It would be worth the spend to finally get a bra customised to your fit. Rigby and Peller offer an exclusive service that sees lingerie created specifically from personal measurements, tastes and requirements. Their exquisite team of fitters and seamstresses work together to offer handmade garments made from luxurious materials, designed purely for the individual.

Be it a personal treat or gift, they offer a fine and highly recommended made to measure service never to forget.

Rigby and Piller has six stores in London, the made-to-measure service is offered only at the Knightsbridge store, click here for their store directory.

Their lingerie ranges from £11-£140, while the custom-made beauties don’t come cheap.

The Soap, Gulnar
Haven't you been tired of trying so many soaps or shower gels in search of the one that would make your skin feel good, will not leave it dry and does not contain any harsh ingredients? Gulnar's Lavender Soaps are handmade, contain essential oils and glycerine and leaves the skin soft and non-drying due to its high natural oil content. There are real softened leaves on the soap bar and you can feel the oil content while using the soap. It smells good and is very gentle on skin. You will totally fall in love with the soap once you use it. The soap has no chemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours.

Click here to buy the soap (they deliver worldwide).

The Lavender Soap Bar costs Rs 95 (approx. $2.5 or £1.5).


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