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There are loads of things that a girl can accomodate in her handbag and the items would vary from person to person. Someone who likes reading would always carry a book, who loves music will have an i-Pod or MP3 player, someone who loves taking pictures might want to carry her camera, girls with dry skin would keep their lotion or moisturiser handy, almost every girl would want makeup items (lipstick, mascara, compact, blusher). But despite everyone's individuals needs, the following are the 10 must-have items, the essentials, that every girl should carry in her handbag:

1. Wallet
Best Buy: Nine West (1&2), Matt and Nat (3) and Stella McCartney Wallets

2. Lip Gloss or Li
p Balm and/or lipstick
Best Buy: Lancome Juicy Tube (lip gloss and colour)
. . Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (lip balm)

Lancome's Juicy Tubes smell good, makes your lips soft and supple and keep them hydrated and make them look delectable. For more information on Juicy Tubes click here.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is the best lip balm ever. it as an ultra-intensive lip balm and gloss. It's very soothing indeed and needs only occasional re-application when compared with similar products. It works well even on the most dry and cracked lips and makes your lip soft and supple. Read more on The Encyclopedia of Lip Balms.

3. Hairbrush or Comb
Best Buy: Denman Comb

4. Pen
Best Buys: Mont Blanc, Parker, Cross
Pens are one of the most importnt handbag essentials which many girls neglect. They come in useful at the most unusual times. Mont Blanc, Cartier, Parker or Cross, whichever suits your budget, style and need, you must have one.

5. Small Tissue Pack
Best Buy: Paseo Small Tissue Pack

6. Miniature Perfume
Best Buy: Estee Lauder Miniature Perfume Gift Set, Harajuku Lovers miniature perfume bottles

The delicate look of the miniature perfume is beguiling and its portability and obvious convenience makes it a handbag essential. You can instantly smell delicious in your fav perfume's miniature version just about anywhere. I have loads of them (miniature bottles). In case you don't want to spend on them then perfume samples are a great option. Ask the person at the store to give you some perfume samples whenever you buy a bottle, and stash them in your bag. Its free and handy.

1. Estee Lauder Miniature Perfume Gift Set for £24 (US click here $67)
2. Harajuku Lovers Miniature Perfume Bottles for £12 each
3. Miniature Perfume Vivabox by The Perfume Shop for £29.35 and £49

7. Mirror
Best Buy: Chanel's Mirror Duo
Chanel's Double Facette Duo Mirror, normal and magnifying, is the indispensable handbag mirror for precise makeup application and re-touching throughout the day. The normal side for discreet retouching and the magnifying fo precision application. And it looks great too with its black case having Chanel logo on the front and ultra slim shape. Totally worth it at $40 (USA), 20 GBP (UK) and Rs 1,650 (India).

8. Sanitary Napkin
Goes without saying. This must be there in your bag at all times. Best Buy? Well depends which suits you and your needs but I think P&G's sanitary napkins are best, their brands include Whisper and Always.

9. Hair Ties or Hair Pins
You never know when it comes handy. And they are life savers that moment.

10. SOS items - nail filer, bandaid, painkiller, safety pins

With these Ten Handbag Essentials you are ready for every situation. Girls, what are the must-have items in your handbag? Leave your comments.

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  1. lipstick
    compact, mascara
    cleaning wipes
    always napkin
    pen n highlighter
    money, cards
    car and house keys
    nail filer
    small scissors

    cant go out without these; yah d hair pins r gud idea too

  2. iv been looking fr a gud mirror; i'll buy chanel's looks gr8
    thanks for the tip

  3. I think the only thing I don't have in my handbag is the hair ties or hair pins. And the others, I have them since it is essential for all women.

  4. Wallet are quite good and more stylish thsnk for sharing...


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