Monday, April 13, 2009

Choosing your Lipstick

Lipstick can light up your face and is a staple beuty item of every female. Its the basic necessity, which almost every woman has.

A lipstick accentuates the best feature of a woman's face and can brighten it up instantly with minimum efffort. However, a wrong lipstick can be a disaster; a wrong choice can make you look way older than your age or damage your lips.

And with a myriad of choices, choosing the right lipstick can be really daunting. Well, not to worry, just read through this, and your choice will be easier.

Lipstick Formula

There are many lipstick formulas in the market, and with increasing research the choices and types would only increase. Your choice of lipstick type would depend on your lip shape and desired look:

1. Matte - Matte lasts the longest but it also makes the lips dryer and chapped. It provides highly pigmented true colour without much shine. Matte usually look best on large lips because of their minimising effect.

2. Cream - Gives a slightly matte finish but without the heavy matte feel. This is the most popular texture and is much more moisturising than matte as it contains more oils and conditioners. They are also called moisturising or hydrating lipstick. Definitely one of the best picks and suitable for all lip types.

3. Long Lasting - This is one of the recent and widely advertised lipstick formulations but is the most damaging. Although these lipstick certainly stay longer, but with the cost of aging the lips. This formulation is very drying, hence causing the lips to age faster.

4. Liquid - Liquid Lipsticks retain the moisture of the lips giving them glossy effect or sheen. The downside of this formulation is that it doesn't last long, but is best if you are looking for a gloss with or without shimmer. They work best for thin lips, as a high gloss lipstick gives plumping effect to the lips.

5. Shimmer and/or Frost - This formulation contains tiny flecks of pigment that reflect light to give your lips a shimmery look. In the case they look heavily metallic, pearly or opalescent, but on lips the coverage is soft and subtle. A shimmery is more pearly while frost has a metallic finish to it. These usually work best for all women and especially look good on thin lips because of the plumping effect. Is best choice if you want pouty lips. This is a great formula to get fuller, younger looking lips.

In short, if your lips are supple and plump, matte shades may be great for you. They are non-lustrous and offer more color and last longer without requiring reapplication but have fewer moisturizing ingredients. Best for plumperlips because of their minimising effect. Glossy, shimmering and radiant lip colors may actually help your lips retain moisture and hence are best choice during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Best suited for thin lips for their plumper effect.

Time of day
Choose lighter colours for daytime and darker for night. Matte and cream finishes offer a subtler daytime look, while a high-gloss finish adds glamour for evening. A sheer, natural-looking colour with a little shine also works well for day.
The darker the lipstick shade the older the wearer will look. So if the desire is to look older, then pick a matte, darker lipstick. To look younger, use a light shade of lipstick. This will not only help the lips look younger but will also give the appearance of a fuller lip. The fuller the lip the younger the appearance.

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