Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trend Watch - White Jeans

Summer is almost here and that means its time to update your wardrobes with a pair of smart white denim pants. White denim looks luxurious and is flattering at any time of the day. It always looks amazing and is quite easy for you to dress up as well as down.

Crisp, clean, chic, simple yet sophisticated, white jeans really looks stylish and takes your everyday look to the next level. (Image on left: Source)
However, many of us are afraid to wear white jeans and won't even consider it as an option, afraid that it will make us look fat. True, white jeans are tricky as we usually wear them tighter. But, if you choose the right pair it can be really flattering.

In fact, I feel white denim is a wardrobe staple that transcends all trends and seasons and something every woman must have.

Lets look at some of the celebrities sporting the trend before talking about how to choose the Right White Jeans.

Heidi Spencer in White dVb Flared Jeans
Claudia Schiffer in Sharkah Chakra White Jeans and Cameran Diaz in White Hudson Jeans

Hilary Duff in White Skinny Jeans

Kim Kardashian in torn white jeans
(Update 7th May 2009)

Choosing your White Denim

There are lots of styles to choose from, wide-leg to bootcut to slim fits to capris. Make you choice with the following advice:

- Wearing White Jeans can be tricky as it quite accentuates your bums. So make sure you avoid ones with any rear decor like embellishments, embroidery, sequins, flap pockets. The back of your white jeans should be simple and clean with angled pockets to shape and lift.

- Take a size bigger in white pants. If you'll choose something tight, it would only end up highlighting your butt and making them appear bigger. You can only go away with a body-hugging pair if you're very skinny (like Gisele Bundchen, image above).

- Pick skinny white pairs only if you're skinny, else it can make you look bigger and highlight your problem areas.

- Wear bootcuts (like dVb pair Heidi is wearing) or straight fit with high heels (your jeans should cover the heels). They'll make your legs look taller creating slimming effect.

- Pick thicker and heavier denim that is soft but stretchable to sculpt your flab.

- Cropped styles look really smart and allow you to flaunt your really sexy shoes; but wear them only if you're tall. Wear the cropped white pants with pretty printed tops for an instantly chic weekend look. If you're not tall, stay clear from cropped white pants as it will make your leg look shorter.

Wearing White Jeans
You can pair your versatile white jeans with lightweight sweaters and jackets when it's chilly, and switch to comfortable tees, vests, halters or blouses when the sun comes out.

- Like black, white matches with everything. So choosing the right colour with white is really not a problem.
- You can look great in an all white ensemble, your white jeans paired with a white tee or shirt, by adding some colour through accessories. Check out Lauren Conrad here looking great in an all white ensemble by adding splash of colour through her orange bag and matching shoes (perfect summer look).

- Skinny: Get a pair of white skinny jeans and pair them with a nice top. Avoid tight top if you are going with the tight jeans. Instead, think about a flowy top paired with high heels. This is an easier look to pull off. You can wear a nice cardi and cami top with your white skinnies or a nice jacket.

- Accessories: Accessorising is vital wth your white denims, it can really add to your look provided you team the right accessories.

- Watch your VPL: Wear nude coloured or your skin toned knickers under your white jeans and make sure they are no VPLs, otherwise your lines would show and any other colour (including white) would reflect under your pants.

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  1. how can I wear white jeans for an eve party?
    suggest some looks!!!

  2. White Jeans are a great option, especially, for summer parties. White Jeans speak luxury and style.

    Look 1: You can team your white jeans with a smart cami-top (something in satin or colour) and wear a well-fitted jacket with it. Accessorise it rightly with some statement jewelry, nice shoes and matching bag.

    Look 2: You can make white jeans work at your evening party by wearing it with a halter top and a sequin sweater shrug with strappy high heels.

    In both these looks, it is best you pick the colour that suits you best. Purple, orange, black, blue are some of the choices. White goes well with everything.

    This season colour blocking is in. So you can wear a, say purple blouse with white jeans and team it with pink shoes and matching bag.

  3. White Jeans are very much in fashion and looks very chic and classy. As on the runways this season, your white jeans can be worn with surprisingly versatile looks for spring and summer. Don’t think that your favorite pair can just be worn with a tan and a pastel polo shirt and tennis shoes! While that is a possibility, you can also try western style shirts.

  4. So how unbreakable is the "cover your heel" rule with the hem of my long white jeans? I'm short and got some great bootcut white jeans I'm about to have hemmed. I'd like them to double with my new cork wedge heels and with flats as well. I'll have them on the long side (may drag or be cuffed with flats) - but I was hoping to have some of my heels show...mainly because they're so cute I don't want to hide them!!! And...I'm practical and want to do double-shoe duty. Whatcha think?

  5. If you like the heels, you could probably make an exception and foldover your jeans till ankle-length or just a little above ankle.

    The whole idea of ''cover your heel'' is, covering your heels with your denims will elongate your legs and make you look taller!!!

  6. White denims are very classy to look at. My friend Rebecca likes more the white jeans than the blue jeans. She is a fond of buying designer women's jeans. But after knowing about shopping online designer jeans, she always got the first collection.

  7. I have a purple floral top and purple thin sweater to go with my white jeans. What color shoes should I wear?

  8. Wearing purple shoes would make it a case of match much and since its a floral top you can use nice nude or neutral shoes with white jeans to complete the look.

    You can look at the styling part on this link: http://www.denimology.com/2011/04/jen_style_-_j_brand_ava_low_rise_zipper_skinny_capri.php


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