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Make-up Tricks and Tips

Make-up is an art.

Some girls are veteran in make-up application while some grapple despite constant application. But don't worry, with few tricks you can easily learn the art of make-up application. And the veterans, it will sure give you smart tips to enhance your skills. And those of you who have some smart tips, please post in the comments. I'd be glad to add them on this list.

And I'll be updating it every time I discover something useful, so the list will continue to grow.

So bookmark it, copy it to your Blackberry's memopad!


Small eyes: Lining your eyes with gold opens them up and makes them look bigger. Line your eyes with a gold eye pencil. Apply gold eyeshadow with a thin brush and then go over with a gold eyeliner to enhance the effect.
Tip: Create a natural look with gold on eyes. Go nude on the lips, but opt for a pink, peach of coffee nude rather than neutral. Keep skin soft and fresh by using a tinted moisturiser.

Stop Mascara Smudging: Put mascara on lower lashes first, to prevent top mascara from transferring to lids when looking up to apply bottom mascara. Brush your lashes with eyelash brush after mascara application to remove any clumps.

Eye care: Remember to take care of the skin around your eyes. No amount of eyeliner or makeup tricks can conceal dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes perfectly. To protect the health of your eye area, you must religiously follow the following regime.
- Be very gentle on your eyes. Use finger tips for concealer application under your eyes and spread it very very gently.
- Use a sunscreen (preferably especially for eyes) before going out in the sun.
- Always remember to remove eye makeup before going to sleep.
- Use an eye cream regularly. This will help protect this sensitive area and correct eye problems, such as eye bags, fine lines and skin discoloration. Recommended eye cream: La Prairie


Highlighting: Clever highlighting can do wonders. It gives luminosity to your face. Apply highlighter to the areas where light hits your face, cheekbones, the inner corner of the eyes, the center of the nose and the Cupid's bow of the lips.
Tip: Try a creamy product with lustre, as it's easiest to apply. Powder can get messy.

Make-up colours for dark or wheatish skin: Your ideal colour palette would compromise of copper, coral, red, burgundy, pink, bronze or sun-kissed shades. Apricot works wonders for dark skin. But strictly avoid matte orange or colourful eyes (like electric blue, purple, yellow). It will be very prominent on dark skin and would look gawkish.


Enhancing your lips: Want pouty lips? Lips are too thin? Here's how you can make enhance your lips. Add a dab of shiny gloss or high-gloss lipstick to the center of your lips. The shine causes light reflection which tricks your eyes into seeing instantly fuller lips. You can also apply foundation around your mouth area and then use a lip liner, that matches your natural lip colour, to contour your lips just to the outside or edge of your true lip line. Finish off with a lipstick brush to fill in your favorite color – just remember that pale shades (coated with a gloss) always make your lips look fuller. (Remember don't create new lip line to make your lips appear large. It works well only in photographs, in real life it looks as if you have missed your line.)

Lipstick stay longer: Layer a neutral shade of foundation on lips before lipstick application to help the lipstick stay longer.
Tip: Don't use this trick if your lips are chapped, first moisturise them (lip balm) to stop them from flaking.

Let the lip gloss stay: No matter how many times you reapply your lip gloss, it always seems to evaporate. Try this tip to get a glazed pout without any sticky application. Apply lip gloss over a lipstick of the same shade. Then brush a lipstick sealant over your gloss to set it in place without decreasing the shine factor.

Lip colour for small lips: When choosing for lipsticks pick light colours that will reflect the light and create a voluminising effect. When choosing a gloss, apply a pearly gloss as it is ideal for giving appearance for more volume. Strictly avoid dark colours as they will only make your lips look even thinner than they are. Ideal lip colours for you are - beige, light pink, light bronze, metallic, peach, pearlescent and frosted.

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