Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smart Dressing: Fashion Fixes

1. Get rid of Back Bulges
How often do we see that our snug top or tee reflects back bulges, flesh that pops out above and below the back of the bra, that looks hideous? No more.

Unbelievabra is targeted to control problem areas and will get you rid of your back bulges leaving your back looking smooth and shapely a Eva Longoria Parker, below. This bra-and-camisole-in-one provides support for sizes A-E. You can also get Marks and Spencer's Magic Firm Control available from DD-G.

Unbelievabra, from Shapeez, priced at $85. Click to buy shapeez.com
Marks and Spencer's Magic Firm Control, for £39.50, click here to buy

2. Put an end to Falling Bra Straps
Falling bra straps can be really annoying and embarassing. Bra strap holder or bra clips are your saviour to fix the falling bra straps. Bra strap holder are attached at the back and pull the two back straps together, creating a racerback style, preventing bra straps from falling or peeking. Always use it or keep it handy. Double-sided tape or duct tape can fix that problem in an emergency.

Magic Clip, from Baraza, prized at $5.5, click here to buy

3. Shorten Pant Length to change from Heels to Flats
What do you do to shorten your pants to wear with flats for the day, but elongate it to change into heels for the evening? Here's the solution.

Roll your pants up to their desired length and put Zakkerz fabric strips with magnets around the cuff. The come in various colour options ad go unnoticeable. This way you can wear them with the flats without dragging them on the streets and can also wear long with heels.

zakSet Fabric Strips, from Zakkerz, is priced between $27-30 per set; buy it from zakkerz.com
4. Prevent Heels from Slipping
How often the heels that perfectly fit at the store, start slipping out when you actually start wearing them? Thankfully, there's an easy fix that’ll help you wear your fabulous shoes back without slipping-off and have you perfectly poised.
Hug My Heels gel pad sticks to the inside heel of your shoes and snuggly holds them in place, unlike the shoe soles that cause problems in heeled shoes.
Hug My Heels, by Airplus for Her, are a great rescue at $5. You can buy them from walgreens.com

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