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Best Vegetarian Beauty and Cosmetic Brands

Often we do not realise that the make-up or beauty products that we are using comes by killing a poor animal. It is really cruel to apply moisturisers or lipsticks or any other product that is made by taking an animal's life.

Just by being a little thoughtful it is possible to live a compassionate lifestyle without forsaking a few little luxuries along the way.

Many big brands either test on animals or use animal derivatives in their products. Either ways the animal is either killed or suffers just because the companies want to make money. Due to increaed awareness and protest by animal lovers, many companies have stopped testing their products on animals. However, just because a company does not test its products on animals does not necessarily means it is cruelty-free. This is because, they may still use animal byproducts or animal derivatives to make their products. Like MAC cosmetics. They do not test on animals, but use animal byproducts like carmine in their products.

Thus you must ensure that the beauty and make-up products you are buying are not only not-tested on animals, but also vegetarian and/or vegan.

Top Animal-friendly Companies

Below is a list of premium brands that make cruelty-free beauty products:

1. Bioéthique - Bioéthique is a premium skin and body care brand that is absolutely cruelty-free and eco-friendly. All of their products are made in France, are Third Party Certified Organic (they have created the world's first and only lines of Third Party Certified Organic skin and body care products), natural & plant-based, cruelty-free & vegan. As they say, 'Our skin and body care is carefully crafted in small batches in the heart of Provence, France where we marry the region's rich traditions with modern-day science.' Completely pure and 100% natural their finest quality products are an absolute delight and must have for a healthy and brighter looking skin, right from the nature.

2. Chantecaille - Chantecaille is a preeminent luxury brand for serious skincare and beautifying cosmetics known for its uniquely high concentration of natural botanicals. They are an animal-friendly company and do not test on animals nor use any ingredients derived from animals. Though on an expensive side, their beauty and make-up products make your skin look and feel wonderful. However they do use carmine and beeswax in some of their products, so please read the ingredients carefully.

3. Chritopher Drummond - Drummond is a luxury line of vegan makeup brand made from 100% natural, organic ingredients. With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, Drummond knows exactly what women want when it comes to their makeup. The ingredients used in each product contain soothing and healing properties, natural sunscreen and potent antioxidants. Christopher Drummond's client list includes Jennifer Lopez, Paula Patton, January Jones. Their makeup products are regularly featured in Vogue, InStyle, O Magazine.

4. Clarins - This premium beauty and makeup brand derives all its ingredients from plants. The company aims to create highly effective products containing the highest quality ingredients, while respecting the environment and preserving the planet’s natural resources. Clarins offers a great selection of beauty, fragrance, makeup and skincare and bodycare products that are vegetarian an cruelty-free. Although carmine is used in their make-up products, which is sourced from killing and boiling insects, although the company says its vegetarian but I checked and carmine or carminic acid can only be sourced through this procedure and has no synthetic version. So avoid its makeup products. However, I could not find Clarins on Peta's list of companies that do not test on animals. Will check with Clarins and update as and when I get the info.

5. DermaQuest's DermaBrush - DermaBrush collection offers naturally antimicrobial, environmentally friendly and vegan luxury makeup brushes. They are created by a panel of top makeup artists. The entire line is made of high-quality, synthetic fibers. The non-shedding brush styles include: kabuki, foundation, concealer, pro multi-task face, pro multi-task eye, tapered contour eye, dual define eye, precision angle eye and precision lip brush. Their Dual Define Eye Brush ($24) is epecially great, it is double sided so you can apply your eyeshadow and liner with a single brush, and its very soft and easy on application.
Note: DermaBrush is a vegan line, however not all products of DermaQuest are vegan, so check their website before buying.

6. Green and Spring - Green & Spring offers bath and body range of products which captures the spirit of the British countryside by blending herbs, flowers and plants native to the British Isles. The Company is 100% vegetarian and uses 100% natural botanical materials. All herbal extracts are sourced from the UK and all essential oils are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. All their ingredients are botanical based and contain no animal products. The only product containing animal products is the Lip Balm and Candles which both contain ethically sourced beeswax. And their products are not tested on animals either. You can buy their products online from or (asos ships worldwide). A list of their other stockists is also available on their website.

7. Inika - Australian mineral make-up brand Inika is one of the best brands in the vegan and organic space. They have a good selection of organic and mineral make-up that is good for your skin and planet. Inika has received Cruelty-free and Vegan certifications and the company guarantees that they do not use any animal derivatives. I've used their eye pencil, lip gloss and blush and the products are divine and even suitable for the most sensitive skin like me. So if you are looking for great vegan make-up Inika is one of the best choices.

8. Lush - Lush is well-known for using fresh, natural ingredients in all of their products. The company does not use any animal byproduct or ingredients in their products. They also believe in only buying their supplies from companies that test for safety without the involvement of animals. Lush tests all of its own products on humans, rather than animals. Most products of Lush are vegan products and all the vegan items are marked with a green 'V' on the containers for clear identification.

9. Naturacare - Natracare has feminine hygiene products for all the vegan ladies. They manufacture organic cotton tampons, wipes, pads, liners, incontinence pads, maternity products, toiletries and baby wipes. The comfort of certified organic, 100% cotton next to the skin together with the totally chlorine-free, plastic free biodegradable materials, means that Natracare is not only cruelty-free female hygience brand but is also good to your skin, unlike the other harsh products.

10. Original Bombshell - It has hand and body moisturizers, lip gloss, body scrubs that are vegan, paraben and cruelty-free. Celebrities like Joss Stone Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, and Melanie Griffith love their products.

11. CARE by Stella McCartney - Stella is one of the world's most famous designers and is best known as the staunch vegan or as Paul McCartney's daughter. Her luxury brand named Stella McCartney does not use any animal derivative in any of her designs or beauty line. Nor does she test any of her products on animals. Her luxury beauty line CARE by Stella McCartney is completely organic and vegan. Even her fragrances are vegan.

12. Suki - Suki, the luxury make-up and beauty brand, boasts 100% pure, organic products that are integrated with cutting-edge scientific actives in innovative safe & effective authentic treatments. Celebs like Eva Longoria Parker, Julia Roberts, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Garner love Suki's products.

13. terre d'Oc - French organic cosmetic brand terre d'Oc is another wonderful line of make-up and skin care products that you'd be delighted to use. After experimenting with tonnes of vegetarian brands, I finally found the best vegetarian lipstick by terre d'Oc. Their products are organic, with rich formula and sustainable. Great packaging and quality, difinitely rate terre d'Oc among the best vegetarian make-up and skincare brands.

14. Urban Decay - Popular make-up company Urban Decay has always been strongly opposed to animal testing. They are famous for their mineral make-up and cruelty-free products. This company also won an award from PETA recently for "best cruelty-free cosmetic line. Although they are not a 100% vegan brand, since they use some animal by-products like beewax and carmine in some of their products, they do have a vegan line of makeup. A lit of Urban Decay's vegan makeup is available online, click here to view (the vegan stamp, a paw, will be stamped in the description of the products on those items which are vegan, look for the sign).

15. Weleda - Vegan skin care brand.

16. Zoya - Vegan nail polish brand Zoya is the brainchild of Zoya Reyzis who, as a pregnant aesthetician and salon owner in 1984, realized the need for a healthier and more durable solution. Today, Zoya Nail Polish is available at the finest salons and spa's worldwide. Nail Polish by Zoya offers over 300 gorgeous nail polish colors to choose from, plus 4 seasonal collections of nail polish every year, so you are not limitd by choice. These nail paints are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Zoya is the Winner of 'Longest Wearing Nail Polish' (Woman’s Health Magazine). US customers, click here to buy and UK customers, click here to buy.
Another cruelty-free brand is Intelligent Nutrients. All the ingredients in their products are certified organic and as the name suggests natural, harm-free.

Companies like The Body Shop, which many people confuse with being cruelty-free company, actually use many animal byproducts and ingredients in their products. In fact, you must know that companies labelling 'Against Animal Testing' does not mean that they don't test their products on animals at all, like The Body Shop does.

Moreover, even though a particular brand of a company is cruelty-free, other items or brands from the same maker could have still been experimented on animals or may be using animal ingredients.

So be careful, your desired cosmetic may not be as animal-friendly as you would hope.

And keep reading this post as it is updated regularly with new vegan and vegetarian brands and products.

Common Animal Ingredients found in Beauty Products

- Carmine or cochineal- coloring made from boiling and crushing insect
(Carmine is a striking red dye; many MAC blushers and lipsticks contain carmine)
- Lanolin- moisturizing agent derived from sheep. Often found in skincare products like moisturisers, body butter (The Body Shop's body butters contain lanolin), soaps
- Beeswax/pollen/bee products - often found in lipsticks, lip balms.
- Lard
- Tallow
- Lactose or Lactalbumin
- Silk derivative
- Propolis
- Elastin (from cows)
- Hyaluronic Acid

You can check if your beauty products contain any of the above ingredients and avoid them to save an animl's life or to save them from cruelty they undergo.

Take a step towards ethical living, you will look and feel better using cruelty-free products. Why bother using harsh chemicals and why kill an animal when you can get luxury beauty with ingredients your skin will love?

Stay gorgeous, cruelty-free way.

Beautify welcomes your comments for feedback and details of other vegan/vegetarian brands and their reviews. Keep reading!!!!

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  1. gr8 post
    its really informative, I am a vegan since 10 yrs now and use only vegan cosmetics.
    lush is my fav brand for bodycare, use barefoot botanicals for hair and urban decay makeup, dr haucshka vegan mascara, Bobbi Brown's Copper Cocoa and Beige vegan eye shadows.
    nt all hauschka and bobbi brown makeup are veg or vegan.

    keep us posted with new vegan makeup offerings,

  2. Fyi- you do not need to be cruel or kill animals for many of the above products- bee's wax, lanolin..also the animals are not killed specifically for these products! They use these By Products as to not waste as much of the animal as possible. Animals provide much more than you think. Plus animals that you are "saving" by not directly using companies use animal poop to help grow your vegetables! So you support it anyhow! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for sharing your views. I agree that some of the products like lanolin or bees wax are not derived by killing animals, but they are not treated well and often undergo cruel treatments, that makes it disheartening and a reason to avoid these. I agree you cannot completely ignore all the products, but as they say "EVERY LITTLE HELPS'.

      Only when one will be aware of the cruelty and what they undergo it can be combated and help the poor animals live a cruelty free life. We should do our bit as much as we can.

    2. Thanks for sharing. Lotus Herbals (an Indian brand) also makes cruelty free makeup including lipsticks.

  3. You might want to update this article. Clarins recently was pulled off the PETA "Does NOT test on animals" list due to their refusal to assure PETA that they did not test new ingredients on animals. In my attempts to contact Clarins to verify this statement, they refused to even respond back to me.

    I recommend anyone looking to buy truly cruelty-free products to go to and see which companies test and those who do not. That list is updated almost daily so things change very quickly.

    1. Thanks Suselew for your update. I have updated the article. Keep in touch :)

  4. I think you are a whack job. I stopped eating animals when I was 5 years old. I never thought of them as food. If you are so for animal rights or whatever you wouldve felt the same way. But im guessing you are old and did this later in life.
    I would never throw my vegetarian shit onto other people. Would I ever eat it? no. But thats me. News flash if you dont eat it someone else will. Telling people not to buy a lipstick because it has some stupid beetles in it. I would not compare a beetle to a cow or chicken. So youve never killed a bug? you like beetles go fuck them

    1. Hey thanks for dropping by and sharing your views. From where I come from, we respect everyone's views and have the freedom to share and be open about what we think.

      I am sorry if you felt that I was imposing my opinion on vegetarianism on others. It's a moral and lifestyle choice that I have made by using my logical reasoning. And I have been a vegetarian since birth.

      I always found it difficult to get products that meet my veggie needs, so I thought of sharing my finds with others.

      About the bugs, I think they are living beings and have the right to live too. I try my best not to kill them intentionally and deliberately. I've never even killed a mosquito even if it was bugging me. Sometimes you can't help certain things because you are living in this world but as for me I try to live a lifestyle that involves least non-violence possible.

      What if they are bugs and small and you don't see the pain they go through when crushed. They still feel the pain and die because we can;t find alternate sources of red pigment. Well for some people it does not make a difference, and its their choice and karma.

      But for someone like me, it does and I wouldnt use it.

      One should respect each other's choices. Appreciate your viewpoint :)

  5. This is such a complete list about what I was looking for, vegan and organic makeup! Thank you so much for this great info.

  6. Thanks! Great article, I took some notes to take with me on my next trip to Sephora ;)


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