Monday, September 12, 2011

My first shoe design in Real

Here's a first look at the first pair of shoes that came out of production after a lot of thoughts, research and explanations to the craftsman.

I am happy that something finally came to life. Its so annoying when you keep thinking about things and they don't take shape. So its a big relief that now I could come up with these pair after all.

Although they aren't exactly I had in mind, the craftsman was a man of his own will and despite clear guidance did put his own elements here and there; but I am still liking them. Considering the amount of hard work put in it.

Here's a Look I've put together around those shoes:

You like? Would love to get your feedback!!!!


  1. great look, contemporary and ethnic mix is cool

  2. I like it...really simple yet beautiful (:


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