Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Jackie O Style

Inspiration Jacqueline Kennedy, Jackie O, continues. Its almost like Jackie's been haunting me. You don't trust me? A few days ago I wrote my last post on Jackie and her style and ever since her style's been influencing my wardrobe choices. And it doesn't end here, I was just checking out some magazines to search for an article, and here I again found an article on Jackie O Style.

Here's the article for you:

If the text isn't clear in the above image here's a copy for you:
Center Title: "Jackie O - Her summer staples were simple cotton shifts and cropped trousers"
Top Left: "Style Tip - Keep your accessories colourful but ladylike"
Bottom right: "Style Tip - opt for pop of sorbet shades worn with white or neutrals"

You wanna get Jackie O Style?
Find the fresh picks from highstreet and designer labels selected by me on Fashiolista. Look for list Jackie O Style.

WOO ..... for her simple sophisticated style.

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