Saturday, September 10, 2011

Style Icon - Jacqueline Kennedy

I was just doing some reading on fashion in 60s and 70s and got truly inspired by the Former First lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassisis. She is a true style icon who can give even today's fashionistas a run for their money. She was an embodiment of style and elegance and her understated glamour and sophisticated nature was adored by the fashion world. In fact her style has become an intrinsic part of the fashion world and her influence of many stylish women across the world continues even today. Every now and then when I flip through fashion magazines, I come across the term - 'in the style of Jackie O' re-stating her influence.

Sophisticated minimalistic ensembles adorning clean lines, smooth tailored suits, solid and striking colors, shift and A-line dresses, for day wear high-waisted trousers paired with a blouse or turtleneck sweater, an eye-catching yet spartan use of buttons and other adornments like pearls, brooches, her statement white gloves and low heeled pumps defined her style. She proved less is more with her elegant and minimalism.

Chanel jackets, Dior skirts, Hermes scarves, Valentino shirts and Givenchy dresses were dominant in her wardrobe.

I've found some images of some of her best looks showing her trademark style during and after the First Lady Status.

She shows how bright colours can also look sophisticated and elegant.

After her First Lady Status, she presented a new image with over-sized sunglasses, scarves which became her trademark style.

Her petite frame also added elegance to her looks, she looked effortlessly chic and stylish in whatever she wore.

I am quite digging this look of Jackie O. A long knitted tee paired with trousers and belted at waist, accessorized with loads of necklaces.

These two looks of Jackie are so timeless. Who can say this is dated? You can still wear this look and look a million bucks even today.

Women who are inspired by her style today include Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama. They maintain their own individuality but you can see elements of Jackie O in their looks.

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