Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fixing your Wardrobe


Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet just staring at your clothes thinking 'I have nothing to wear'? Most of the girls do.

We don't know how to let go off the things, and we just pile on and on a lot of stuff, which we know deep down we are not going to wear. But somehow just the feeling of having it is an impediment in letting go off.

How many times do you see hanging before you a few items you love next to many that:
- Look out-of-date?
- Don't coordinate with anything?
- Don't fit your lifestyle?
- Make you look fat?
- Don't fit you anymore?

Moreover, your style will evolve over time and you may find garments that just ‘aren’t you’ anymore.

With the new year started, it's time we sort our wardrobe. We need to buy new items to update our wardrobes, indulge in some luxury and get something new for special occassions. But when we buy new items, we must also get rid off some old ones.

Afer all, how much stuff can we keep and manage? And we must also think that there are people out there, who maybe needing these stuff (you can give it to charity). We can put it to better use than just hanging it in our wardrobes.
Get rid of anything that you
- haven’t worn in the past year and you don't intend to in the future
- items that no longer fit
- items that are damaged beyond repair
- items that will never have another turn in the fashion cycle

Super model Cindy Crawford loves to buy shoes, she said that she has got about 50 pairs in her wardrobe. But she says she doesn’t keep those for long.

She said: "I love Jimmy Choo in particular. I’m good, though – when I get a new pair of shoes I usually get rid of an old pair.”
Piling on on things brings in negative energy and also reflects greed. Plus, it creates chaos in the wardrobe. So free up your house of needless clutter which will not only help you to look more polished, but will also free up more time every day when getting ready, save you from making potentially expensive mistakes in the future on ‘impulse purchases' that you would never wear and can mentally refresh and refocus your mind.

So girls, with the start of the New Year, it's time that we get rid off old times that we will not need and we will not wear. Give unwanted items to charity, give them to friends or family or sell them on eBay.

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