Monday, July 13, 2009

La Mer - The Lip Balm

Review: Crem De La Mer Lip Balm

They say....
"A luxurious emulsion that helps lips look and feel smoother and softer. It is infused with a potent concentration of Miracle Broth™ to soothe the lips on contact, softening roughness and helping reduce dryness for a softer, a smoother look and feel."
How's it?

Yup I have said it before for Elizabeth Arden's eight hour cream, until I came across La Mer's the Lip Balm - but it seriously is the best lip balm ever. Whatever they say about the product is absolutely true. No exaggeration.


I was just strolling at the beauty counter in a departmental store and came across La Mer. Found the packaging of the lip balm simple yet attractive, and thought of trying it. The moment I applied the lip balm, I fell in love. The colourless balm with subtle mint flavour just pepped up my tired mood. But then, I thought I should not jump to conclusion and didn't buy it right away. However, even after two hours of application of the Lip Balm, my lips stayed super soft and hint of its mint flavour also lingered. It felt great and gave awesome results too, and I decided to buy it.

Its great for exreme weather conditions. Most of the lip balms don't work well in extremely cold weather, but it does not disappoint. Keeps the lips soft and supple even during winters


Does it last?

Most certainly. It stays longer and keeps the lips smooth. In fact, ever since I have bought La Mer's lip balm, I am loving it. My lips have never been chappy ever since I have started using it.

Better than Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream?

I still like Elizabeth Arden too, use both of them. It scores over Elizabeth Arden's lip balm, since its minty flavour leaves a good smell and is refreshing, unlike Elizabeth's herbal strong smell. They both stay longer, keep the lips soft and smooth, but La Mer feels and smells better, though Elizabeth's gives more shine.
Worth it at $45 (£35)?

Totally. longer, so if you can pay extra for quality then it's totally worth it. It will last you atleast 6-7 months and if you don't apply too frequently then maybe even a year. It's better than buying lots of lip balms on whim and ending up wasting money. Plus your lips would feel and look better too.

Though I agree, it's a luxury and not an essential, so if our lips are healthy and not a problem area, you could easily buy some other good one like Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour cream. Click here to buy for US customers. UK?

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