Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Destress on the move

One of those times when work takes a toll on you and while need time off to relax and distress, you're just too busy for that. A holiday is a very distant dream and even  a relaxing spa comes a close second. But when the stars are shining in your direction, things fall in place.

That's right, I finally got my best solution with Spa on Wheels - a spa session on the back of a luxury van, that'll pick and drop you at the location of your choice. If you're in Mumbai you'd know its a God sent blessing.

So I was booked for spa session on a Thursday evening, when I swapped that dreadful ride from work to home with a relaxing spa on wheels by The Four Fountains Spa.

Work to home en route spa, now that's a wonderful start of 2014.

Welcome: The Spa arrived 15 minutes before time and confirmed their arrival. I was so excited for this new experience and quickly packed, rushed out and boarded the Spa - a van designed by Dilip Chhabria {now of course that gets brownie points}. I was greeted by a friendly welcoming chauffer who took my stuff and showed me inside the back of the Van. I stepped inside and was greeted by two masseuse, who quickly seated me to one of the two relaxing comfortable luxury seats (180 degree adjustable -  think first class seats in an airplane). It was quite spacious with wooden flooring and beige interiors. Relaxing spa music and smell immediately worked its way to relax me.

What I tried: I opted for a traditional thai head to toe massage with 2 therapists. Considering the restrictions, it was a dry body massage {while I was dressed up} and oil was used only for the foot massage.

I lied down flat on the seat facing the ceiling. There was a TV screen right in front flashing view of the front of the van, you can watch the road and know where are you headed. Interesting and thoughtful. Although a cool idea, but you may be a little uncomfortable to be in an unknown Van. The camera keeps you relaxed as you exactly know where you are going.

So there I was, finally ready to get all the stress out of my system and trying to not think about work, projects, deadlines. Only blank, happy mind.

The treatment: The treatment began with a simple ritual of washing and scrubbing the feet, quickly followed by the foot massage but one girl and head massage by the other. She checked if I wanted a dry head massage or want to use the oil, I chose dry. The body massage followed as I lied just straight facing the ceiling.

It was the shortest and the best one hour I spent {en route}. Even before I knew, the one-hour was done, and since we didn't reach the destination {Oh ya that's Mumbai traffic} I spruced up and quietly sat down listening to the soothing music, watching the screen in front and waiting to be pull on my driveway.

The Experience: The head massage was very relaxing. Foot massage I'd give a six on ten, it was good but I'd have better massages, and I'd want the masseuse to be more friendly {and perhaps smiling}. The body massage was a five on ten, considering its a van and it has its restrictions.

I found the van a little noisy, and the music could do little to fix that.

All in all I had a great experience, while I would not substitute it with my regular spa, but its a great way to relax when you're pressed with time. In fact its a wonderful gift to those pressed with time.

Note: The spa service was complimentary to BeautifyFlr by The Four Fountains Spa

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