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Luxury does not mean taking life - Stella McCartney Bags

Applauds to Stella McCartney for creating a line of luxury accessories that does not come with cruelty. The world we love in is driven by greed and pride. People often forget their values and fashion industry is a big slave to it. Women spend thousands of dollars on bags and shoes that comes from brutal killing of animals and their cruel treatment. Some so-called exotic ones are made from ripping off skin of rare and exotic animals like white crocodile and God alone knows what, and cost over whopping $25,000. And the sad part is, people pay the price. Why would someone want to kill a rare animal, make a bag out of it and wear it with pride. Isn't this technically (and humanly) shame?

Anyhow, thats their lookout. As they say - 'as you sow so shall you reap'. But what disturbed and appalled me is that while I was looking out for Stella's bags online I stumbled on a few websites questiniong the price tag attached to the Stella McCarney's Bags - women argued that why does Stella McCarney sell her bags for over $1000 when she does not use any leather. The quality of the materials used on her bags was also questioned, it was disregarded as purely being just PVC. You can even read one of the reviews here on purseblog.

What baffles me is they easily questioned the price tag for a vegan bag (just because Stella happens to be the only luxury designer in the industry who believes in ethical fashion and sees no reason why a life has to be compromised in the name of luxury; and yet comes with exquisite designs), but no one ever questioned the exorbitant price tags attached to simple jacket made from jersey or a chiffon gown. If a price tag of $6,400 is justified for a velvet gown from Bottega Veneta or $4,900 for a chiffon gown from Gucci or $3,225 for a jacquard jacket from Dolce and Gabbana (let me remind you, none of these fabrics are so hard to source or difficult to manufacture that the price tags would be so high just for the fabric. They would not even cost on tops $100 for those pieces.), then there's no reason why a $1,250 is not justifiable for a faux-leather bag from a designer house.

Let me remind you that when you pay a premium for a luxury designer item - be it a bag or shoe or a dress or jacket - the large part of the premium comprises not of the material (its not so expensive to get best quality fabrics), but the detailing that goes into making that product, the design that the designer has spent hours on creating, the exclusivity of the product that you wouldn't find every next person carrying that bag and most importantly (it's a no-brainer) the brand name - if you're wearing a luxury brand you want to be recognised (a very small percent can argue on this, so we'll talk about the majority). A high-priced luxury item conveys prestige and a sense of belonging to an elite group, and that's why a premium is attached to it. Moreover, a designer piece is like a piece of art. And Stella McCartney's bags is high on all the above parameters. In fact she has changed the dynamics of the luxury accessories. The material used in her bags (I happen to own a few pieces from her) is awesome, you cannot question the quality, even if it is PVC or something of the sort.

In fact, those who think leather is an exclusive or luxury item, they need to know that sourcing good quality leather is not expensive and if you would visit countries like India, Brazil you would be surprised at the ubiquity of cows and other animals on the streets and their leather is dirt cheap. Most of the luxury bags (LV, Fendi, Gucci, Prada) are made from cow leather, which is not an exclusive material. Its very cheap to source, and in fact you can find best quality of leather bags in less than $50 in some parts of the world. So the premium on LV and Gucci's leather bags are not paid for the leather, but on the basis of parameters discussed above.

Just because she uses faux-leather, Stella McCartney's bags cannot be dismissed as being just like any other piece. They are undeniably high on the luxury quotient and their popularity among the many known-to-be-stylish ladies and celebrities just proves this.

It is explanation enough why Stella McCartney's bags are so expensive.

Celebrities carrying Stella McCartney Bags

Hollywood biggie Angelina Jolie is a big fan of Stella McCartney bags and has been spotted carrying it many times. Here's a picture of her wearing Stella McCartney Black Falabella Bag and on other occassions chic-ingly wearing Stella McCartney's classy Grace Bag (from Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2011 collection). She's looking every inch a movie star in all the Stella looks.

Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney Chain-Detail Hobo Bag Photograph

Angelina Jolie taking private flying lessons in a grey Maxi and Stella McCarntey Grace Bag.

Spotted Angelina in another all black ensemble at Legoland, Windsor with her kids carrying Stella McCarntey Grace Bag.


Michelle Trachtenberg and Kristen Stewart up their simple outfits with the python Falabella bag from Stella McCartney. Love the bag and the peep of pink on it. Who wears it better?

Stella McCartney Foldover Falabella Tote Photograph

Stella McCartney Foldover Falabella Tote Photograph

Hilary Swank in Falabella Bag from Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Foldover Falabella Tote Photograph

The very stylish Kate Moss was spotted out and about in London carrying a Falabella clutch in black. Loving her head to toe, pink cropped pants, the effortlessly worn black shirt and the currently hot two toned pumps. The bag ups her style quotient.

Naomi Watts goes the maximum Stella McCartney look at the Tribeca Ball Gala 2012 held in New York, with Stella McCartney peplum black dress, Stella McCartney faux python clutch and Stella McCartney ankle strap sandals.

Cheryl Cole brightens up her black outfit with a a floral printed Stella McCartney Falabella bag.

Reese Witherspoon in her pregnant self strolling on the streets of Brentwood carring a Stella McCartey tweed Falabella Bag.

Reese Witherspoon in Michael Lauren Brighton Swing Tail Dress

Singer Demi Lovato was spotted out in LA wearing Stella McCartney Falabella bag in black with gold chains.

Jayma Mays wows in a black dress pairing it with a love-at-first-sight Stella McCartney foldover black Falabella clutch with a pea-a-boo of blue that she colour blocked with yellow sandals. She's clad in Stella McCartney LBD.

Last but not the least, the lady herself, Stella McCartney in her creation - Grace clutch at the premiere of her father's video in all black ensemble - as always looking every bit stylish and chic.

Stella McCartney Handbags

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  1. i second ure thought 100%. am a veggie n dont use leather. we hve a gr8 vegan group in California n we all love fashion n look for animal-loving fashion brands

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