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DIY: Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Beautify Featured in Cosmopolitan!!

When the feminine, sophisticated, young and peppy peter pan collars sprung up on the runways of Miu Miu, Mouis Vuitton last season, it was a delight. It has been since spotted on celebs and have been a hit from high-fashion to high-street alike. But don't get fooled that they're last season thing.

The ubiquity of these collars have not taken off its popularity as they continue to be the collar and accessory choice of designers for their upcoming collections (Victoria Beckham revamped them in her A/W 2012 line).

Now you must be wondering why do I need a detachable collar when I can wear th whole shirt? You ought to probably scroll down and see some interesting looks that these PP detachable's can create. What can I say? A picture is worth a thousand words......

A detachable collar is a great way to revive your outfit or pep-up a boring one. So when Cosmopolitan Magazine asked me to do a DIY tutorial for their July issue, Peter Pan Collar DIY as my obvious choice. 

 Beautify-flr Peter Pan Collar DIY - as featured in Cosmopolitan July 2012 Issue

Wear preppy meets girly aesthetic with your own easy to make Peter Pan collar in four simple steps as shown in Cosmopolitan 2012 issue.

Here's are the easy to find items you’ll need to create your PP collar -
  1. Half meter of any good fabric preferably rich material like velvet
  2. Half meter canvas cloth for lining
  3. 1 yard of matching ribbon
  4. Needle, thread and scissors


Step 1:
Cut out two half moon patterns from paper, then cut that shape out of your fabric and canvas cloth using that paper pattern (or an existing collar of same shape) 

Step 2:
Once the fabrics are cut, sew the canvas and the fabric together so that the two half moons are ready.

Step 3:
When the two half moons are lined with canvas, overlap the wider end pieces and sew together on the back, without interlocking the front end of the fabric. Alternatively, you can use a decorative button and use it to sew the pieces together
Step 4:
Cut two lengths of the ribbon of equal length and sew one string on each of the smakllr ends of the collar.
Voila!!! That’s it, you are done.
Wear it with your shift dress or a simple top to collar pop or add some sparkle (or feminine touch).
Celebrities wearing Detachable Peter Pan Collars:
Clemence Poesy at Louis Vuitton store opening in Shanghai wearing a LV dress accessorized with an embellished LV detachable collar. Love it!!!

Casino Royale's Eva Green adds an edgy look with her detachable Peter Pan collar necklace when she pairs it with a low neckline sweater. Now that's something you'd want to try to turn heads, wouldn't you?

Louis Vuitton Detachable Collar (from their lookbook)


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