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Shoe Guide: Must have shoes for women

Women have a love affair with shoes, and most of them seem to never have enough. A pair of shoes can really make or break an outfit. And the right shoes can certainly make a whole lot of difference on how you carry yourself and your posture. Finding the right pair of shoes to go with your outfit can be really daunting. Here is a list of must have shoes to always keep you sorted in the shoe department.

1. Nude Pumps - Top on the list are the very versatile and stylish nude pumps. Not only they complement almost every coloured outfit, but they also have a very special ability of adding height and are also popularly known as 'leg lengthening shoes'. Get the nude shade closest to your skin complexion.

2. Black Stiletto - A black dressy stiletto is an essential part of every wardrobe. A basic pumps in high or mid-heel is perfect for every occasion - from work to party and complements most outfits. For more dressy, if you already have the basic heels, pick a nice strappy black heels. Slingbacks are often more comfortable while pumps look chic. Pick whatever you're more comfortable with, but a black stiletto is a must-have shoe for every woman (the higher the better). For those who shun from heels a versatile black flats is a must-have that you can transform from day-to-night.

3. Closed-toe basic Black Kittens or comfy formals - A comfortable closed-toe pair of heels or near-to-flats are a must-have for work and other formal occasion. A classic versatile pair would be the best pick as you can wear them to work as well as outside and yet look stylish. Make sure they're comfortable as closed-toe often cause blisters if worn for longer hours and hence a good quality pair is a must. Basic colours like black, grey or beige are best choice for the versatility.

4. A pair of wedges - Sometimes work dictates that you need to look smart, but your feet are begging for a little comfort. Wedges are a good way around this. They tend to be comfortable and easy to walk in, and the height of the heel doesn't matter all that much, which means shorter girls can get away with a five-inch wedge without looking like too dressed for a night out, while taller women can wear a much smaller and probably more comfortable wedge.

5. Metallic Sandals - Certain occasion outfits don't work well with black shoes. For such occasions and outfits you must have a nice pair of metallic heels (high heels if you can carry or medium). Silver, gold, pewter or a silver and gold combi are the perfect choice.

6. Flip Flop - A good pair of flip flops are fashion statement for the all the spring/summer seasons and beachside holidays. They're not only comfortable but can be worn with your jeans, skirts, summer dresses and even trousers. A smart pair is a must, you can wear them at home, for walks or even when going out shopping or for a lunch with your friends. We highly recommend fitflop because not only are they stylish, but also keeps you in shape by burning extra calories when you walk.

7. Pop of colour - Colours bring fun to the wardrobe and one coloured or multicoloured dressy heels are a must have for your shoe wardrobe. They instantly brighten up your look and also are good for a change.

Colourblock your ensemble with a bright paired heels or flats or add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit for instant chic and style. You can never go wrong with colours now. 

8. Sneakers - A smart pair of sneakers is great not only for your workout and walks but is a good choice even while you travel and can be your casual everyday saviour. We love the stylish Adidas by Stella McCartney pairs. Smart Buying Tip: Remember to loosen your wallets amply when buying high heels. It is important to invest in a good quality heels as the cheaper versions look good but are not comfortable enough and can cause feet and back aches. Heels must only be bought from good branded stores like Nine West, Aldo and luxury brands. They last longer and are good for your body.

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  1. I want to wear the Black stiletto :) thank you for sharing this

  2. I'd like to find out more? I'd want to find out some additional information.
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  3. you miss one an animal print shoe. :)

    1. :)

      A girl can never have enough shoes. Thanks Ja

      Tried to add only the most basic shoes here. One can go away with animal print when creating a basic shoe wardrobe. But add them later as the shoe fetish creeps in ;)

  4. I was surprised that a nice dressy flat wasn't included in the must haves...?

    1. Thanks Wendy. I've in fact added that in the post not as a separate entry but as on option to heels.


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