Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love Your Body: Parben Free Body Care

When it comes to skincare or skin products, natural is the way to go.

Even the big and famous cosmetic and body care companies use ingredients that cause cancer, kidney damage, headache and the list goes on.

I've found a company that uses all natural ingredients and does not even use parabens, SLS or petrochemicals in its products, the ingredients whichare found in the vast majority of toiletries on most bathroom. In fact they don't use animal derived ingredients, so you can be relieved that they are cruelty-free.
Yes thats the name of the body care brand NAKED, strip down to the best raw ingredients and not to veil them in unnecessary chemicals or artificial colours. It has no synthetic ingredients and has atleast 97% of its ingredients natural.
97% Natural, but What about the other 3%?
They say....

"The other 3% - is made up of miniscule amounts of synthetic ingredients to ensure safety and stability of the products e.g. the preservative system (like Benzoic Acid or Methylisothiazolinone) to stop mould and fungus growing after opening; binding agents like EDTA which stop unwanted chemical reactions and separation; and performance enhancers like anti-static agents to prevent flyaway hair. In many cases we reach 99.5% naturalness"

Crammed with gorgeous high quality botanical extracts and created with plant and mineral derived ingredients, Naked products range includes creamy, foamy body washes with tantalizing scents (like White Ginger and Minty Menthol), shampoos and conditioners tailored to your hair type (straight or curly, normal to dry, etc) as well as luxurious, soothing body butters, exfoliating scrubs and daily face washes.

They're also all reasonably priced; most of the range costs £3.91, with none of the products costing more than £7.82.

Recommended Product:
Naked's Coco de Mer Body Butter, it moisturises your body making it soft and supple and leaving it smelling gorgeous.

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