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Nail Trend Fall and Winter 2009/2010

A woman's nails can really make or break her impression. Clean, tidy well-shaped nails is a must for every woman. Now let's see what are the Nail Trends for the nail-savvy women this season.

Shape and Length
Natural is the word for this season. Keep your nails in natural squoval shape. Square, the French way, has always been popular but natural shape is what you should go for. And keep your length keep them medium-long, the very long ones are a passé. The short ones are not only fashionable, but easy to maintain.

File nails into a square shape with rounded edges, keeping them a little longer.

ColourThis season’s colors are elegant, bold and suit women who love to take risks. Many celebrities and across the runway were flashing the look of high shine, to metallics (golds, silver, bronze), and glittery finishes. Dark cues were ubiquitous like navy blues, dark plums, bright and deep reds, greys and charcoals, deep purples navy blues, rich chocolate browns, copper, lavender and wines.

If dark is not your thing, go for glittery, sparkly and shiny look in your favourite hues. Classic red is always in vogue.

Chooing the Dark Nail Colour according to your skin colour

For light skin: If you have fair skin, opt for blue-based shades with soft shimmer, which will look crisp, not gothic. Reds or Crimsons with hint of pink or earthy chestnut with mettalic finish will give a pretty edge to your look. If you want something in shades of purple then a feminine berry would suit your complexion.

For medium skin: Opt for gold flecks and warm undertones which make even tricky colors, like purple, flattering if you have olive or tan complexion. Classic ruby red with a sexy metallic finish, deep violet with gold shimmer or copper would suit your skin colour.

For dark skin: You can take the dark nail trend to the extreme by opting for strong hues that border on black. Deep luxe burgundy, inky aubergine with high sheen or dark chocolate would make your nails pop.

Bored of the same shades?
MAC special Fall-Winter Collection 2009 is the answer. MAC, in association with Jin Soon Choi, has lunched six daring and unique shades . You won't be able to find these colours in stores, as they're only available on the MAC website. In case you don't know, Jin Soon Choi is a nail guru and founder of Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spas in New York. She has catered to many celebrities, fashion shows, and photography, and is especially known for her beautiful and intricate nail art designs.

Their shades include:
1. Cool Reserve - Dirty Grey Lavender
2. For Fun - Rich Clean Purple
3. Dance All Night - Brick Red
4. Dry Martini - Khaki Olive Green
5. Rich Dark Delicious - Rich BLackened Brown
6. Beyond Jealous - Blackened Blue Green

Tip for wearing Dark Nails:
Black is a severe nail shade and tends to highlight chips or cracks. Use a ridge-filler as a base and apply a top coat daily (from Instyle).

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