Monday, September 2, 2013

Almost Vegan Bags: Angela&Roi Handbags

Square Mandarin-Orange Tote
Square Tote

Palette Red Cross-body
Palette Cross Body

Sunday Yellow-Neon Tote
Sunday Tote

Its always a delight when I discover a good vegan brand (I'd say the same for shoes). In my online journey, I stumbled on Angela and Roi - its a brand and the names of founders who created a range of vegan fashionable handbags.

Although the couple were not really trying to create a vegan brand (their vision is to create affordable high quality fashionable handbags, and keeping them vegan apparently helped them keep their bags in 'affordable' category over leather), nevertheless it happened to be vegan and that's admirable. I can never understand how shallow can people get - just for the sake of fashion they can take a poor living being's life and make them go through excruciating suffering. Well I hope Angela and Roi continue to keep it vegan and not harm animals even if their lives come cheap.

Back to the bags, they're basic classic styles with fun colours. Made in Korea, totes, shoulder and cross-body are the three key styles. Sunday range of totes are my favourite from their range (ostrich tote the least favourite) - caramel and neon yellow the favourite colours.

The bags have ample space to carry daily essentials including ure iPad and even inside and outside zipped pockets and two mobile pockets to keep your stuff organised - love the fact that they paid heed to the basic utility and functionality which even the most luxury brands miss most of the times.

Few interesting and useful things about their bags that sets them apart -

- Quality assurance: one of the rare gestures, their website describes the process used for making the bags with design materials used. They're so sure of their quality and assembly. We like that

- 90 days warranty: if the quality assurance was not enough their bags even come with a warranty. Any defect in materials and workmanship within 90 days and you'll get a replacement of refund

- For a cause: every colour from their range of handbag represents a cause towards which a portion of each sale will be donated. For example sale proceeds of bag that comes with the Green Ribbon will be donated for patients suffering from Anxiety and Depression, similarly red is for Aids, gray ribbon for diabetes, so on and so forth. Isn't that clever and very thoughtful?

Photo: BACK IN STOCK : Square Tote Collection
They are back with more colors! Shop now -->

I am beginning to like Angela and Roi, would love to meet these folks. And yes, I am totally loving their bags, though with a major gripe - why keep the trademark ribbon (inspired from Cancer ribbon) in leather when everything is vegan?.

I'd buy them when they change the ribbon to vegan, but I really felt sharing them on Beautify.

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