Sunday, January 22, 2012

The perfect denim style

Finding a pair of well-fitted jeans is a miracle for me. Here's a guide to picking the right fit denims for your body shape and type.

The Skinny Fit
Skinny jeans are the very versatile pair that work well for every body shape (as long as they are worn right) and for every occasion whether day or night. The skinnies look great on curvy women, skinny and those with boyish figure. Most curvy women make the mistake of disregarding the choice of wearing skinny jeans and going for loose fit styles that make them look heavier. But the truth is skinny jeans flatter the curvy figure  as they hold everything in and make you appear slimmer. However it is important to find the right pair that complement your figure and pick darker wash as they camouflage the problem areas.

Flared jeans are the perfect pick for women with hourglass figure. Wide-legged denim pants especially the one with a mid-rise and flat front flatter the hourglass figure and makes you look svelte in all the right places while still showing off your sexy curves. Wide legged denims also flatter pear shaped and tall women.

Straight Fit
Straight fit jeans are the most versatile as they complement most body types. They are particularly a great choice for petite figures as it lengthens legs and also work well for curvy women. Most straight legged jeans have a opening wide enough to go over your shoes that gives illusion of longer legs.

Peg Legs
Peg leg denims are pretty much like straight denims but get very narrow on the ankle. They work well on boyish figured and skinny women with long legs. They are great for boyish figure as they add volume giving the illusion of curves. Peg legged jeans are to be completely avoided by women who are heavy on the bottom as it will make you look out of proportion and heavier on your thighs and bums.

While conventional norms say short or petite women to avoid peg legs, some stylish women have shown it otherwise. Rachel Bilson is often spotted in peg leg jeans and looks great. But make sure your shoes matches the jeans to elongate the legs. In fact peg legs jeans work as the perfect skinny jeans for the petite women.

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