Friday, November 18, 2011

Common Love of Fashion Bloggers

Bloggers are making a rave in the fashion world. Fashion and trends are now no more in the hands of select few people with means and resources. The twenty first century has been blessed with a whole new world altogether of blogging, which has given the common person a space of their own where they can express themselves, their thoughts and their creativity and make a difference to the world.

Fashion blogging has opened doors for individuals with a good fashion sense to share their style sitting even the remotest of locations with people across the world from Singapore to New York to Mumbai to London to Dubai to Hong Kong to Sydney or Milan. They created a powerful space and have been recognised for their work. Today they have a voice of their own where they dictate trends and collaborate with the biggest names in fashion. Some of them have become the muse to the Gods of the fashion industry, some have collaborated with the big labels and some continue to express themselves without any frills attached.

Let us see what are the current common love of the fashion bloggers:

Rebecca Minkoff's bags, pleated skirts, Kors by Michael Kors Gold Watch, Alexander Wang Studded Bags and Steve Madden's Gretta Bags are some of the items that fashion bloggers are loving and each of them have styled these in their own unique ways.

Rebecca Minkoff Studded Bag

Andy from 

Cheyenne from

Michael Kors Gold Watch

You don't need to wait to get a hands on a Rolex Gold Watch to look stylish, this Michael Kors watch is just as good and these fashionable women have proved it. It looks elegant and sophisticated.

 Diana Kang from

Naz Isik from

Asymmetric Dresses and Skirts

Look elegant  and sexy at the same time with asymmetric dresses and skirts. These fluid feminine style will give an updated beat to your style and make you stand out for all the right reasons. Pair an asymmetric skirt with a rough-hewn blouse to emulate studied quirkiness or toughen it with a jacket - whatever way you choose its certainly going to up your style quotient (and showing of that little leg would certainly turn some heads)

wearing Asymmetric Dress and Michael Kors Watch

 Jade from

 Tatti from

Steve Madden Gretta Shoes

Jade from

Bethany from

Pleated Skirts

Feminine and flirty, pleated skirts have become a rage among the fashionistas around the world. Long or short, nudes or brights they have become a wardrobe staple and these stylish women have shown how versatile they can be. You can wear them dressed up or down, pair it with a jacket for a more formal look or team with a tee for a more casual style.
 Laura from

Steffy from

Pleated and Asymmetric

Jade from

Bethany from 
in Asymmetric skirt and Steve Madden Gretta Shoes

Our pick: Love Asymmetric Maxi Dresses

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Alexander Wang Studded Bag

 Laura from

Aimee Song from

Which one do you like the most?

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