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Come Winter and the skin and hair become dull and lifeless. Freezing weather, lack of sunshine combined with exposure to heaters can be unkind to delicate skin and hence it becomes essential to follow a strict beauty regime and take care of your skin.

Some tips to keep your skin and hair in good shape:

- WASHING FACE: Washing your face with warm water twice a day would help to open and clean out the pores and that using cold water straight afterwards helps to close them again.

- MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE: Its absolutely essential during winter even for those with oily skin. The skin loses its moisture and becomes itchy, dry and lifeless. Therefore, use a good rich body crem to keep your body and face soft and supple.

You could add some almond oil to your bath water and soak in the water for a few minutes,that would leve your skin moisturised. Or else, try some good after bath body oil as its great for dry skin and does not make it greasy. I use Grapeseed Softening Body Oil from the 'Botanics' range of Boots. It comes in a spray and makes the skin very soft.

Aloe Vera gel or plant extract is also a good moisturiser. The plant is known for its healing properties against cuts, wounds and burns.

- BATHING: Do not use very hot water for bathing, as it makes skin dry. Use warm water instead, it will keep skin well moisturised and soft. Use a good creamy body wash, like Vanilla and Cocoa Shower Cream by Original Source. It smells great, cleanses skin and leaves it soft.

- EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dull skin and stimulate new skin growth. A good exfoliation will re-energise the skin, and get rid of the top layer of life less winter skin. Do this once or twice a month to keep yourself looking and feeling gorgeous.

Hip US brand Malin+Goetz has created a Detox Face Mask (£15 at that is, literally, bursting with oxygen as it fizzes and foams on contact with skin to gently exfoliate away impurities, leaving nothing less than a radiant complexion (Source: Vogue).

- USE SPF: Just because the sun is not showing, you still need to protect skin from UV rays. Wear a cream or a sunscren lotion with minimum of SPF 15 during the day.

- CONDITION HAIR: Winter makes hair dry, frizzy and brittle. A good conditoner is a must for this season. To bring in shine to your hair, you could also consider washing them with mineral water (yah it sounds cazy, but it works). Also, trying washing with cold water, do not use hot water to wash hair. It would make them dry and brittle.

Dull locks can be revived with Great Lengths Anti Tap Water pH Regulator (£12 at that is, fabulously, a "descaler" for the hair that breaks downs limescale build-up which can occur from inner-city hard water (Source: Vogue).

- Avoid HAIR STYLING that uses heat: During winters its advisable to limit use blow dryers, straighteners and curlers. If you have must use an appliance, condition your hair first - the sudden use of heat in cold weather can make hear weak.

Please share your winer beauty tips in the comments section.
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