Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Must Haves

Summer 2009 is colourful - move away from the Autumn's purples and blacks and add bright blocks of juicy citrus colour. Its time for you to transform your dull winter wardrobe into a vibrant, fresh season of colourful brights with these must have items.

What's out - What's in: Out goes heavy lace and in comes floaty sheer fabrics in romantic nudes, shimmering draping

No Summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of gladiator shoes whether the practical flats for the day or the supremely high heels for night. For your ultimate guide to the hottest trends this season read on.

1. Block Colours - Eye-popping block colour is one of the main trends this season. A flash of bright colour in bold combinations, brilliant versions of yellows, oranges, greens, blues and pinks will send your wardrobe into a spin, with true style stars sporting clashing blocks of orange, cerise and yellow. I know this is not the first time I am saying this. Can't help, its a rage this season and it sure deserves too. Colour block shoes and dresses are popular picks.

2. Asymmetric necklines - No matter wht your age, show off your shoulders with asymmetric necklines in dresses and tops. There are loads of colourful dresses in the stores with asymmetric necklines from River Island to Karen Millen, you'll find one to suit your budget and style.
from Reiss

3. Romantic Nudes - For those of us seeking an alternative to bright colours or a black and white ensemble, you sure have a pretty choice to make -nudes and neutrals. Clothes in flesh and beige tones with matching accessories were a rage on the runway from Lanvin to Christian Dior to Stella McCartney everyone had their shade of nude on display. Tip? Don't think nude will wash offyour colour, the key is to find the perfect hue in nude that suits your skin - it might be a bit more pinkish or grayish; you just have to keep looking.

4. Colourful Ts, Tanks, Camis and Vests - Ts, tanks, camis and vests are without a doubt staple items of every woman's wardrobe. But this summer's vests, tees and camis are colourful and fun. You can play with ruffles, lace, colours, prints and sheer, or keep them to the basic whites or blacks. But there surely is more drama to them than your regular vests,or may I say you can add drama to them by accesorising and pairing them with season's key items? Neon pink, bright yellow, burnt or bright orange, electric blue, bright green are the favourite colours of the season. Pick your favoruite colour and style, to make a style statement this summer.
5. Gladiator Shoes - Like last seson, Gladiator shoes have become a rage. Every sixth girl in ten is wearing gladiator shoes on the streets of London (or may I say everywhere?). You can't just do without them this summer. Its an absolute must buy. And this time its not just in simple tan or black, but there are gladiator shoes in bright colours like pink, lime, purple, in beads and bejweled. Wear them and show off your well-pedicured colourful nails in neons, reds and pinks.


  1. Yay summer! I am really loving the color-blocking stuff right now. Still trying to convince myself to get gladiators - I'm short and stubby and feel like they're not flattering on me for some reason. Love them on other people though!

  2. Hi Trace
    Yup the colour-blocking trend looks great for sure.

    You must get a nice pair of gladiator shoes. Gladiator sandals look great on everyone, irrespective of whether you are short or tall. They flatter your feet and are very comfortable too.

    Yo can check out for some smart pairs. I like this heeled gladiator shoes:

    You can consider getting a pair of smart high-heeled shoes in gladiator style, if you think flats are not for you.

  3. Are all these styles okay for women over 45? Thank you!


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