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Earrings - your fashion statement

, Just a pair of earrings can glam up any outfit. From jeans and basic tops to saree and salwar kameez to that little black dress – the right pair can make a difference to any outfit. Not only does a good pair of earrings draw attention to you, they give you a free spirited vibe which is so sexy. It can make a simple outfit of a T-shirt and jeans look put together and can turn simple evening frocks into showstopping ensembles. There's a pair out there for everyone. Go ahead and try some on.

There are earrings for all occasions - the boardroom, work, casual outings, your wedding, a night out, or a day at the beach. They can bring out your softer feminine side, the sexy goddess, or present simple charm, sophistication and elegance.

How to wear it?
The right pair of earrings can enhance any outfit, hairstyle, makeup and even other pieces of jewellery. But it requires a keen sense of shape, color and style to match the right earrings with the rest of your look.

One mistake people often make is, they over-accesorize. Its often the case that with heavy dress people tend to wear heavier jewellery and in-line with it heavy earrings. They assume that their earring has to be flashier than what they are wearing.

Generally simpler earrings look best with complex necklaces. If both the earrings and necklace are extravagant, it's possible to look overdone. Larger chandelier or big earrings can be worn alone without a necklace or possibly with a simple necklace or you will look overloaded.

(Sunita Gowarikar has teamed gold earrings with her heavy saree and kept her neck bare so as not to look overdone)

Show off your neck and bare your shoulders when you wear chandelier earrings, for the sexiest effect. There are subtle ways earrings enhance your looks, improving your sex appeal.

Earring color should complement your skin tone and the color and style of your outfit. Try to either balance bold colors with neutral or wear complementary colors throughout.

The shape of the earrings can also make you look better through optical illusions. A round face would look slimmer when you wear long earrings that emphasise a vertical line. Long rectangle earrings can be adjusted to make your face look slimmer. Dangling earrings slim the face too. However, you may want to rethink those round hoops, or button earrings. These will just accentuate the roundness. If you want to wear hoops, choose some that are slightly oval, elongated, or even square or triangular. This will add some length to your face. Flat features look sharper with angular earrings. The sharp lines of the earrings make your features look sharper. A too angular face looks softer with round earrings. Circles and ovals incorporated into the earring design gives the features a softer look.

Hairstyle plays an important part too. Long hair worn in an updo - This is the most versatile hairstyle in that any set of earrings will look fabulous! Long hair worn down - Long drop earrings or bold chandelier earrings go well with hair worn down. Short hair - The saying that those with short hair should generally choose short and dainty earrings is a passe. When you hair is short you can choose to wear all kinds of earrings studs, hoops, chandeliers, almost anything.

Wearing your diamond studs
The single beautifully cut diamond set in understated gold or silver proves to be a timeless, trendy piece of jewellery. You can wear diamond studs with both casual and dressy clothes. Whether you are wearing a jogging suit or a dress, these can work well. Find a size big enough to show up against your hair, but not so large that they are overpowering.

The sophistication of a diamond studs earring lies in its simplicity, and you should try to avoid over-complication or too much embellishment.

Some people have a habit of wearing such big solitaires that those earrings totally overpower their look. It looks like they want to scream to be seen and shout ‘hey I have loads of money so I bought big rocks’. You can afford big solitaires does not mean you really have to buy them. Too big size can immediately add a few years to your age. Instead of buying big solitaires, that does not suit your face, go for smaller size (and if you are wanting to splurge then buy good quality solitaires in terms of colour and clarity, maybe a D colour diamond).

If you still wish to wear big sized solitaire studs, and you feel it looks too big on your face, you can change the style of wearing. Instead of wearing them as stud, you can hang them in a small hoop with diamonds or in wire.

Always in fashion - Hoop Earrings
You never have to worry about whether or not hoop earrings are in style, because they're classic, something you can wear forever. My favourites are the diamond hoops in white gold, they never go out of fashion, you can wear them with almost everything and instantly brighten up the look (see the picture gallery below for a classic diamond hoop design).


Creating the rage - AmrapaliBored and tired of experiencing the same old gold and silver designs at your "family" jeweller? Is your fashion sense numbed each time you wear any of the pieces? Amrapali is your answer.

Amrapali is one of India's premiere fine jewellery houses who are renowned for their beautiful, modern interpretations of classical Indian fine jewellery. Their forte lies in extremely intricate crafting blended with beautiful mélange of different gems, in both ethnic as well as contemporary designs. Their creations are worn by many models the world over. Halle Berry is one of the many admirers of Amrapali and has been seen in their creations many-a-times.

You can add a touch of dazzle and style to your outfit with one of the Amrapali or Amrapali-like earrings. They look classy and will never date.

Good Designs
It is often difficult to find good pair of earrings or if you do then they may be exorbitantly expensive. You can always get a good pair of earrings custom made from your family jeweller or if you don't have one, find a good jeweller who can custom-make it for you but ensure that his workmanship is good and gives you certified diamonds.

I have provided some good designs below that you can get custom-made:

(the above two designs are of de Grisgono. These earrings are made from black diamonds)

You can get really nice pair of diamond earrings at great prices from Abazias. All their diamonds are thoroughly quality checked and certified. So you don't need to worry on the quality or the price. At the best part is, their designs are lovely.

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  1. its nt affordable to have many diamond earrings. I like swarovski, they hve lovely designs n gr8 quality. check them out.
    hey where can I find the amrapali designs? theyre cool

  2. Check out their website: you will get the information on their stores and stockists

  3. thanks for sharing the informations , It is usefull, i like it!I hope you do better and better on your website,
    And popular more and more!
    I love the jewelry side of things, and I want to do jewelry business,especally Tiffany!

  4. Can you tell me, please, where the earrings with rubies can be bought?
    Thank you!
    Aleksandra from Serbia

  5. Hi Aleksandra

    The ruby earrings that you liked are no more avilable, its sold out.

    But you can find similar ruby/diamond designs, I have listed some below:


  6. Oh, no...:-(
    Thank you for answering me right away. Yes, I saw these ones, but I don't like them as much as these here.
    You say that they are sold out :-(
    Do you know if they can be ordered? I mean do they accept orders and then make them again?
    Thank you once again

  7. Noops they dont take orders

    but you can definitely get them made from a jeweler. There are many good jewelers who do custom designs.

    In case you are intereseted in getting them cutom-made, you can email me your request at: and we can see how can that be done.

  8. What was their price, do you know? That is, do you know what aproximate price would it be if custom-made?
    Thank you once again.
    Aleksandra from Serbia


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